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Love Lessons and a Winner

Happy Valentine's Day!

I have compiled some delicious LOVE LESSONS inspired by the great comments by followers on the Follower Love Giveaway Hop.  Thank you all for sharing your experiences, your wishes, your heartbreak!!

LESSON 1 - "Do not stir up nor awaken love until it pleases" Song of Solomon 2:7

Dream away... write your dreams down. You are an amazing person - embrace who you are!!

  Sarah Erhart ...for now I am content to hold fast to my God, and wait for Him to send me "Mr. Right", a.k.a. as a man I can respect and love for the rest of my life.

marybelle  I'm in love with love right now. I'm not making any wild predictions.
miki i'm not in love yet but perhaps one day.... i hope /wish he will love for myself with all my default and will support me, love me and confort me. protective, loyal, honest he should be...
(Maybe you meant "faults" but I seriously like "defaults" - it's that a better word?!)
*Valkatis*  No, I am not in love with someone else but with myself. But, hey! how are you supposed to LOVE someone else when you don't LOVE yourself First? 
IdentitySeeker  Sadly, I am not in love. But that's not a problem- I'm willing to wait. I just hope Mr. Right is worth the wait:) My dream love would be someone who is easygoing, gorgeous (very important!), funny, non-judgemental and accepting of who I am. I want him to be my best friend! It would be great if he loved books as much as I do *wink*.

Sara  Yes yes yes yes I'm totally in love! :) Me and my boyfriend have been together for almost 2 years, and this still works! Moreover on Valentine's day there will ne his 18th birthday party, and in Italy that's the age when you become a real man :)
So yes, I'm in love, and a little bit stressed about the choice of his birthday's present!!!
You're precious, Sara!!  He doesn't gain any right to you because he's getting older - that's gonna happen no matter what!!!  You make him earn intimacy by paying with commitment!!!!!
Allie  There's this quote by Dr. Seuss that goes, "You know you're in love when you can't fall asleep because reality is finally better than your dreams."
My dreams are still better than reality :(
Veronica MostlyReviews  This is one of those periods of time I spend not even liking anyone! I hate my scedule. So to answer the question no, I am not in love with anyone, except maybe life itself :P
My dream love...I don't exists...cause I always change my mind about what I want, but I always like people who have a vision and are born to lead (althouhg I'd never follow them). So my fream love is someone I could never be with...
Hmmm...writing this down, I realize I am kind of doomed. :P
Dream away, girl!!  You're allowed to change your mind!!  :-D

Emily  Because I currently have a crush on my best friend's crush, so he's pretty much off-limits. :/
Agnieszka Nashi  I'm not in love right now, but if I was... I imagine it's going to be like friendship gone astray. Like the feeling of having a best friend, only closer, deeper. Like being used to having someone by your side so much that when they're gone just for a while, you feel physical pain.
Clarissa (Bookadicea) I can't tell if what I've felt before was really the 'I'm in love' feeling because I'm just 16 but it felt the same thing to me. I like to hang out with the guy and make him smile or laugh although every time I try to talk to him it feels as though he feels awkward whenever I'm around & now we aren't on the same school anymore so I guess I'm trying to suppress my feelings even harder though sometimes I caught myself staring into nothing thinking of him. It sounds lame but I guess in love there are no lame things. :)
Leah  There is a boy (well, I guess when you're 27 you're a man) whom I have a crush on. How do I describe him. He's tall, Christian, engineer, country boy. He's a cool guy. I just haven't told him I like him, yet. I want to, but I get too shy when I'm around him.
Enjoy who you are, be confident in your great qualities, if you get the chance, be nice, be wonderful, but don't worry, don't be nervous. The right guy will make a move. More goes on in those heads of theirs than we suppose. The right guy won't let you get away!!!

jabelfield  I'm in love with Mr B. It's our 17th wedding anniversary on the 11th of this month. :o) And I've been with Mr B since I was 17... He drives me nuts, though.
Tanya  Yes i'm in LOVE!! I've been married for 10 years. We have 4 kids and we are very happy. Life together is not always easy, it's hard work, but worth it.
Kereesa  Yes, I'm in love. I've been with him for almost 5 years, and it's like I've known him all my life. We're best friends, and share everything (though he won't read my YA novels :P). We're both fantasy fans, and try to get one another in various series (books and games). :D
Vinci  Yes, I believe in true love with my sweetie. Call me a romantic but I had a vision that I would meet a man with a "cool" car and then it will be marriage time. Yes, he did have a loud, fast, car. Yes, we have been happy for many years. 

.I had to laugh:
Tiffany Drew  Yeppers, I love my hubby (but don't tell him that LOL). We met back in 1999 when it wasn't yet "cool" to talk to strangers on the internet. A friend and I were cruising the AOL profiles (AOL, remember those days?) and saw this one profile that said "Hobbies: looking at myself in the mirror saying hey you, you're a stud." We just had to see who this loser was so we asked for a pic. He sent one, and when we didn't respond to it he wouldn't leave us alone. Turned out he lived just two miles down the street and had recently dyed his hair orange (my favorite color!) so we decided to do a drive-by viewing and check him out. Well, we started hangout out and one thing led to another and now we have been married for almost 12 years with two little minions. However, I didn't find out until a year or two after we were married that he told his family we met because I drove past him and thought he was hot so I stopped to talk to him. Uh, thanks dear lol.

Created to Be His Help MeetFrom a Wise Woman:

These mini-summaries come from another world (early 1900's?!  jajajaja). You can find more at No Greater Joy. I was taught from this book when I was... uh, 19? 20?  I made decisions that effected my married life years before I met my man. These are snippets that I remember & use a LOT:

- Guard your mind - don't let anxiety, depression, fears or anger fill your thoughts. Catch those thoughts when they come and get rid of 'em before they deceive you into thinking they're reality. Make your reality beautiful!!  "For as you think in your heart, so are you" Prov. 23:7
- Honor your husband as Mr. Right whether he is or isn't... now he is!!  Acknowledge his good traits, show him noticeable esteem, don't scorn or ridicule. You'll be amazed at the power you have as his wife!!
- Know your man - there are "Command Men", "Visionaries", & "Steady Men". The better you understand him, the smoother marital life progresses:
  - Is he low on tolerance? bossy? unyeilding? Is he an amazing leader? or full of past stories? Then... he might be a Command Man and not interested in taking the trash out for you. He'll want to talk about plans & ideas, instead. Sickness and death make him uncomfortable since hopelessness doesn't need him to act. He is a born leader and sees how to benefit the most people possible at a time. He might want your help in everything, too, and keep track of what you're doing all day to make sure you're extra productive. Roll with it... it can be the most rewarding relationship!! 
Romance - Is he an inventor? a short-cut taker? someone consumed with a need to write or make art or music? He might be a visionary man, caught up on his latest obsession. He needs a wise, optimistic wife, someone who supports him as he shares his newest idea or enthusiastically takes off in a new direction!  Enjoy the ride!!! 
 - Most men are Steady - faithful, caring, providing... not given to extremes, happy when you do all kinds of things you'd like to: reading, blogging, crafts, volunteering, whatever! He is surprised when his wife is unhappy, not having seen any of the signs. Heartbroken if she leaves, not understanding why. His very steadiness might have driven her crazy!!  Rather... be grateful.  Catch negative thoughts before they grow bigger, and enjoy the wonderful relationship you have!!!
RomanceYes... I realize this might be seriously old-school and hardly Politically Correct, but love is hard enough to find, you know?  It's much harder to KEEP.  So, it's worth sharing stuff that works, when it actually works.  If you don't agree... "spit out the sticks". Keep what you like and forget the rest. If you have questions... I'd love to share more, especially about that obnoxious Command Man profile!!!  jajajajaja

Not always easy:
Chey  I met my boyfriend online two years back and while he lives in Colombia, South America and I live in Wisconsin, I wouldn't trade him for the world. So far he's come here once, at the end of last summer, and stayed for three months. The time spent without him is one of the most difficult things I've had to go through, but he plans on coming here to further his education in 2014 or so. Unfortunately, things aren't going well for my family and we don't have a stable income, so I have no way to visit him like we were hoping. Waiting to be together is the worst and I will never take our relationship for granted like I've seen many others do.

And now... as a grand finale of this 
it's time to announce the...



Yes, I am in love with a man I met recently. :)

Such an enticingly short answer!!!!  Do tell, LadyVampire2U, who is this man you met recently and how did you meet?!

I'm sending you an email... give me your address and the Romantic Book of choice in the next 48 hours!! Your book and chocolate will be on the way!!  :-)  CONGRATULATIONS!!!


  1. Congrats!
    The rest of the post gave me the warm fuzzies!

  2. Ow, so cute. "i don't love LOVE because of what it gives to the heart but because of what it IS".

  3. Thank you so much for picking me as your winner! Sorry for the mysterious answer. I emailed you Laura, and gave you the full details about everything. Again, thank you so very much!! :D


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