Monday, March 26, 2012

Author Interview - Candlewax by C Bailey Sims

CandlewaxA medieval masterpiece of adventure, romance and horror, younger readers of Paolini and Cashore will gobble up this award-winning debut. 

An Ancient Prophecy. A Powerful Relic. An Insatiable Evil. When all three converge, the fate of every living thing will be in peril. 

All her life Catherine had hoped to see a fairrier cat. No book, no scroll provided to her by her tutors had ever mentioned this legend, much to her frustration, and now-at the worse possible time-she was getting her wish. Only, in her wish the cat wasn't about to kill her. 

A 732-year-old fairrier cat the size of a horse has killed his fair share of hunters. Driven to the brink of extinction for the supernatural powers of his coat, is he indeed the last of his kind? 

Sheltered, 16-year-old Catherine is about to find out. Unwitting heir to the Ancient Onyxes, she flees an arranged marriage only to stumble upon the cat's secrets, the force of the ancient relic she wears, and the dangerous mission they must undertake. 

Hidden under a desert that was once a fertile land, millions of predators are waiting to feast again. Catherine must discover the secret of the Ancient Onyxes and stop the creatures known as trodliks before they consume everything in their path. A whispered prophecy becomes her only guide and a rejected suitor just might be the one warrior she desperately needs. 

For readers ages 12 and up.

***  Please see this awesome Author Interview at the Hollow Readers blog HERE. ***

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  1. Compared to Kristin Cashore? I was excited before, but now I AM STOKED!

  2. Sounds interesting! When I saw the little picture of the book before I read the name I actually thought it was some foreign cover of Graceling though. If it's being compared to Graceling though I will definitely check it out, you know I loved Graceling! And I'm always on the look out for similar books. :)

    Also the fallenangel blog-site in the calendar and rafflecopter doesn't work for me.

    1. Here's the foreign covers for Graceling!!! :-D I LOVE the third one!!

      I'm not sure what's up with the calendar link - both that and the rafflecopter - are from Hollow Tours & Hollow Readers.

      These are the bloggers in the rafflecopter - you should be able to go to any of their sites or others in the calendar to enter the same giveaway:

      The Guardian of the Crossroads
      WTF Are You Reading?
      The Hollow Readers
      The Hollow Tours
      Jenn's Book Blog

      Unfortunately, I have a little less control than usual, unless I understood all the html code, which I sure don't!!!

  3. This looks excellent! I really must read this one! I am intrigued by the whole gem thing for sure!

  4. Thanks for the rec. I loved Graceling and will keep a lookout for Candlewax.


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