Friday, March 30, 2012


Hey... Ole!

It's All About Books is kindly hosting this git-it-together weekend for bloggers workin' on their blogs. (Complete with enthusiastic music & tweet partays.) Weekends are super busy for me, but I'll get this stuff done (eventually). First off, sharing the plan!

I'm doin' stuff, like....

1. Figuring out where my feedburner thingame went. I threw it off track, I think, not for the first time. I copy-n-paste a lot and some formats don't fit in smoothly for some reason. humph.

2. Design!!!

      - new button?!

      - (the elusive) banner!!!

3. Figuring out my format for hosting authors & books... that aren't reviews, but more like interviews or highlights with giveaways. I need a system so I don't confuse myself, especially if I'm going to give more books away. ( Yikes! Already there!!)  Then I need to respond to a bucket load of review requests and update my About Me & Sidebar for receiving requests again.

4. Fix my Google Advertising... I think I threw it off, too.  :-)

5. Could I write up a skeleton review outline so I don't forget to discuss the cover 1/2 the time or suddenly leave off the rating?  Is that too much to ask?!?!

6. I'd like to set up a casual setting, too, where I can dump thoughts regularly. Um... not like "scheduled" regularly, more like randomly regularly. I was thinking about that with the "Have a cup of tea" title. I love having friends over to sit around and chat over a cup of tea - or very fine coffee!!  And that's what I was thinking, something along those lines.  Very visit-y.

I can't stop with 6 things... that's an even number. Let's see..... (yes, I realize I gave 8 books away - drove me crazy. I nearly kept a book just to oddify the numbers.)

7........   Think of something else I need to do.  :-)

Go ahead and give me more suggestions. I can take it.  *bracing for impact*  Or leave me a comment if you're bloggiesta-ing and I'll swing by to get inspiration!!


  1. You speak Spanish?

    Well, I'd rather have my coffee with 2 of sugar & with cinnamon. & as the dr. is crazy, with milk, please.
    Let the chat beggin!!

    *Check: The dr. said NOT to drink coffee at all, but as THAT is NOT happening, coffee diluted with milk is it~

    1. Weeelll... we'll make sure it's gourmet if you're going against doctor's orders!! jajajaja Tea... there are so many tea options, too, and I take advantage of both delicious hot drinks as often as possible. I found how to add Adagio ads yesterday - they're my favorite loose tea right now. Mmmm


      "Speak" is a very broad term. How 'bout I understand Spanish? :-D I did speak it fluently 10 years ago, but I sound downright scary now. Ni escribo bien. Lo mejor es spanglish, cual quier dia. Me falta good manners en espanol, too. Si me disculpa como blunt gringa, siguimos bien!!

    2. Spanglish ROCKS!!

      The other day I was falling asleep doing homework, & twisted Spanish & English in my enssay so AWFULLY.

      Besides, I'm trying to learn french. But as I'm failing, I'll end up speaking Franspanglish~ which be awkward at some point of my life, I guess...

    3. Oh YES!! Franspanglish!!! I love it!! What language was your essay supposed to be in?!

    4. Español~

      &, cahmomile & cinnamon are my fav teas. & the one with the flower seed.

  2. Replies
    1. Were you leaving me a link to teas? It's not taking me to your site.

      I like blooming teas ok... they're pretty in the pot, but I'm sorta a black tea lover generally.

      I love the samplers - I make lots of cups of tea all at once, which is why I know I really like that Assam Harmony from Adagio. :-D

  3. I like these events...and everyone's list.

    I am working on my Curl up and Read site which you'll find in the Linky...but I've also done a couple of things on Rainy Days and Mondays.

    Enjoy the party!

  4. I like your lack of header to be's simple but I think that's ok with all the pictures in your sidebar.

    I don't see any pictures or writing under some of your sidebar items though (the Barnes and Noble, Adagio, Book Depository or Amazon) I don't know if that is a problem with my computer but it could be your 7th thing to look into it? Maybe?

    1. Uh... thanks? Seeing as I'm getting to my list so well, it's great to know my cute, hand-chosen, hard-worked for ads aren't showing up for you!!


  5. I am fixing up mine too :)
    Got a whole new theme, decluttered my sidebars and made some social media buttons (just that part took like an hour. LOL)

    Still want to make a new header but will probably save that for tomorrow morning.

    I'd love to know what you think, since you're one of the ones that saw my "before" :)

    1. VERY NICE!! I like it!!

      Maybe you could clue me in how to cluster your social links like that. Great idea!

    2. I replied on my blog :)
      I also made pages for the giveaways and blog buttons, it helps clean the sidebar up a looooottt.

      I love the new header! I made a new one too :)

  6. I really like your number 6 list item. I'd love to figure out how to do something like that too. I just don't know if it's feasible with a blog, you know? If you figured something out, please post about it! :)

    1. Oh... I'm figurin'!!

      I stew on stuff over time... so I've already practiced one post and figured out a bunch of stuff I'd like to add & change.

      You know what would be cool, though... like inviting co-host subject starters.

      I'll keep stewing...

  7. I hope your bloggiesta is going well for you! I think setting up a semi-regular place for thoughts is a great idea!


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