Saturday, March 31, 2012

Soggy Sunday Mailbox

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Rain streaked

Saturday is March 31st and the local news announced a broken record:

Sophie's Weather Forecast

Today's Forecast

Today's Forecast Image
March Rainfall Record
Happy last day of March.  We did it: this is officially the wettest March on record.  As of 3pm, we've had 7.78" of rain at PDX.  Previous record was 7.52" set back in 1957.  We could even possibly make it to 8" before the day is over!  To put things into perspective, the average March rainfall is 3.68".  In December this year, we got 2.51" which means we got more than THREE TIMES that this month alone.

Oh, yes... even soggy Oregon can get wetter. And it makes the news. *snort*

This past week was Spring Break, and we wooped it up. Monday I organized the troups to clean house and assemble new chairs for our dining room table. Tuesday we hit the Lazer Planet and played endless games of lazer tag. Wednesday we caught up on Ninjago episodes on TV. (?!) Thursday we crashed the aquatic center. Friday we took some pinstriping lessons from dad at the paint-n-bodyshop. Saturday we dropped in on family, supported their garage sale and then persuaded them to watch the kids so we could go see Hunger Games (finally!)  The kids claimed it was "the best spring break ever!!" so hey... that's what I call VICTORY!!

Of course I took a book with me everywhere!!  Oh yea!!  I nearly took a picture of me reading my book everywhere... but I got shy. *shrug*  It happens.

Fall from GraceI've got a book comin' to me in a mail - Kali had too many ARCs and offered a trade. She had to twist my arm hard, but I finally succumbed.  Ha!!  Ok... maybe I did a little boogie, more like. She's sending me this great book:
When Sawyer meets Grace, he wonders if he should come up with a few plans himself. Plans about what he actually wants to be, plans to speak his own mind for a change, plans to maybe help Grace with a little art theft. 
Wait a minute—plans to what?

I also received The Embittered Ruby in the mail from Nicole O'Dell. This is the second book in the series I highlighted a few weeks ago. This book is just released today, April 1st (no foolin'!!) So, I'll post more SOON!!!!

I'm workin' on my blog... what I don't finish this weekend will spill over into this next week. Such is life in my world!!

Friday I wrote three different posts, which is crazy, but one of 'em was catching up on all the giveaways that had ended and contacting all the winners. The Spring Cleaning giveaway included 8 books, so I was packaging, writing cutesy notes & addressing. It was SOOO fun!!  If there's anything funner than receiving books in the mail, it's sendin' 'em!!  As I discuss in the current Giveaway!!

I caught up on some visiting, too. Gotta love stopping by some blogs and saying "hi!"!!

I'm so tired from playing so hard, I'm hittin' the sack. (Going to bed.)  I can't wait to see what books everyone got tomorrow morning... and how all y'all's weeks went!!

Happy April 1st!


  1. You package your books so neatly. I'm usually scrambling around my closet in search of an old Amazon box LOL.

    My IMM + Giveaway

    1. Lol - all I had was brown paper bags. I'd've added twine to make it look more on purpose if I had it!!

  2. Ah, yes, book packaging...what a neat trick!

    I can't wrap anything to save my daughter always had to do the Christmas gift wrapping at our house.

    Which is kind of ironic, since my first job while attending college was at a county library where a major part of it was...yes, wrapping books to send to the schools.

    But they didn't have to be pretty! Ha....

    When you say your March was soggy, I believe it! As if you didn't already have LOTs of rain there.

    You seem to be taking it in stride, though.


    1. It has been said we have webbing between fingers & toes. In over 7 1/2 inches of rain, I think I used the umbrella only two mornings to help the kids catch the bus!

  3. You have been busy! I think Bloggiesta for me might eek into this coming week as well... I still have posts I want to pre-write. Maybe I will get there today :)

  4. The cover for Fall from Grace is gorgeous. Hope you enjoy it and your other books :-)

  5. It's been very wet here, too. And haven't you been busy?!

  6. Ahhh! We've only had a few days of rain. We mostly have gray weather where I live. Lots of gray skies and wind, but not much sun except for a few weeks ago during my spring break. I was lucky! ;) Until Summer time, then it's blistering heat and everyone cries for spring time/fall time weather!

    I actually...haven't..mailed Fall From Grace yet..but tomorrow 8AM on my way to school! eeeeks. Want to know why? Well, I'll tell you. I was going to mail it out Friday but I went to go see the Hunger Games and go out to dinner. The movie was even better the second time because I was used to the camera (did that bother you? I seem to be the only one who was bothered by the swooshing of the camera randomly.) and Saturday I slept in until 11AM..oop. :) Normally I'm so good at getting things in the mail!! I have it all ready to go though.

    I also do what the above commenter, Bekka said. I always save my Amazon and/or other kinds of packing just to send out books. I've never actually used a *new* one. >_>


    This week, I bought quite a few books. I won a $10 GC and I took that as a sign to go spend $20 of my own dollars + the GC and get Kristin Cashore's Fire, Inside Out 1 and 2 by Maria Snyder, and Wings and Spells by Aprilynne Pike. I won Illusions (#3 of Wings) a few weeks ago and ohmygosh is the series good! Can't wait for the 4th coming out soon.

    1. I'm curious what you think of Fire. It's very different from Graceling!! Illusions sounds like a series I better check on!!! I didn't think you'd shipped it, yet, actually... 'cause I didn't give you my address 'til late. And then I thought I wouldn't be a the PO for forever, but nearly everyone got back to me on the Spring Cleaning, so I started wrapping books.... brown paper bags!!! Lol. I'm glad they look so nice!! I tucked the grocery store name on the inside!! Lol.

  7. Lately it just seems like the rain is never going to let up, and then I look out and the clouds will break for about five minutes and my cats run to the window to lay in the sun. :)

    You are so organized with your notes for giveaways. I always forget to put in notes to the winners.

    1. Well... I have this totally cute stamp that I bought YEARS ago and then I had these blank cards I picked up for a buck. Don't ask me how I found the two things at opposite ends of the house right when I could write a note. Creative accident?! The system helped me send the right book to the right person... I hope!!!!

  8. I need you to give me a lesson on package wrapping! I'm so terrible. Also, where did you get your note cards? Those are adorable!

  9. You really have to make a post about how you do the package wrappings! I'm impressed! This is a skill I do so not possess! XD

    Patricia // My IMM

  10. Wow you had a buys week! Glad you enjoyed it! Hope you love all of your books and thanks so much for stopping by my IMM :)


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