Friday, April 20, 2012


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Tiffany's dealing with Spring Break, which is a GREAT time to jamb some awesome book reading!!  (That phrase works, right? "jamb book reading"?)  It just so happens that my kids' school district is going on Strike!!  Yea... not good news, except from the kids' perspective, it's like instant extra Break!! I'm going to enjoy a few days of No School before I start panicking and homeschooling (yea, right!)

I do hope the "issues" are "settled" and everyone can come to an "agreement" but honestly, I think it's all a bunch of smoke. From my hick-sticks point of view, this is all a bunch of "don't ya wish everyone managed money better?"  Or "could we grow some money on trees?!"  I say, let's just throw a vampire in their negotiations and see how that livens 'em up!!!

(I'm just blathering. Don't take me seriously. I won't run for any positions on the school board... like my grandma who ravaged.... nevermind. I won't.)

The Iron King (Iron Fey, #1)I've been dabbling my way through The Iron King all week, which has been HIGHLY strange, I tell you what!!  Books read all in one sitting have a different flavor from books read in bits all week, and so far all I know for sure is I do NOT want to fall into Nevernever. Ever.  So, my first goal is to finish this book and hopefully see Ash!!  I've heard so much about him and where did Puck go, anyway?!

I just found out yesterday that some authors are COMING TO MY BARNES & NOBLE on May 4th. MINE!!!!  I about hyperventilated in the store picking up my World Book Night box. And then I lost my keys, which I spend most of today looking for, during which I misplaced my license while re-organizing my purse.

It doesn't make sense, but I blame it on the audacity of these authors coming my way. I want to read all three of these books NOW!!!!  So, they're suddenly up next:

Shatter Me (Shatter Me, #1) Under the Never Sky (Under the Never Sky, #1)  Eve (Eve, #1)

And then I've got Interrupted and Shadow on the Wall comin' up for review.

Interrupted: Life Beyond Words  Shadow on the Wall (The SandStorm Chronicles, #1)

Sounds like a PERFECT time for a Read-a-thon, doesn't it?  Although I've heard there is a spot of sunshine in the forecast, which will pause life, the universe & everything for a BBQ. Such rare occurrences as spots of blue sky in spring cannot be taken for granted!!


  1. I'm so glad you are doing the read-a-thon! I hope you reach your reading goal! That's crazy about the school district, has this happened before? I think if something like that happened here we would have a huge panic on our hands. Parents running around screaming and pulling their hair out lol. I'm excited to hear what you think of Shatter Me (I liked it, but didn't LOVE it), Under The Never Sky and Eve. Sky and Eve are both sitting on my shelves waiting for attention. I feel like a bad parent ignoring their children :(

    1. oh, there's panic in the streets, alrighty!! Just In Case, apparently, Cam-Shaft came home with an End-of-the-Year lookin' art portfolio. Just in case of no more school this year?!?! Can you imagine? Out in APRIL?! Will the teachers picket the school? I have tons of questions reading all these notices about "training subs" and stuff. Yikes!

      You'd think everyone would realize there's just no money out there to fight over. That's what I think. Like "strikes" are a luxury of former years or NBA tycoons (and even that was WEIRD). Tons of people don't have money for stuff right now and yet there's still surprised entities.

      Sure, the teachers deserve more money, you know? Who better to give more money to?!?! That doesn't make it appear just 'cause it should!

      Ooops.... I'm going OFF.

      What am I going to do with four at home?!?!

  2. Shatter Me! You have to go, yeeey! &, please, for reading sake, take me with you!! (Darn 3-hours-wait borderline!) I really liked that book, so much I want to get my real-life I-can-touch-you copy; & SIGNED, that'd be the swoon of the year.

    Now, you could send your kids at your own version of the hunger Games? You know, it could be interesting...

    1. Wha?! *cough* No kids need to die over this strike!!! Lol. I bet mine would LOVE playing the game in the "upper field" as we call the back yard. That's a great idea, actually!!

      :-D I know... I have copies of Shatter Me & Under the Never Sky that I haven't read, yet, and I have JUST enough time to order Eve. Question is... do I order duplicates to SHARE?!?!

  3. Jajaja, yeah, it was figurative!! If they go & have a nice "Game" (IDK, camping??) in the upper field maybe the only problem would be the dirty clothes, but, well, my mom used to make me wash my way-TOO-dirty clothes... just saying, jeje.

    & YES! Sharing is GOOD. Sharing get you points with the Karma balance. (!!) So, yeah, porque no?
    Under the Never Sky sounds very GooD, it is in my will-get-if-I-survive-this-semester list; Eve... maybe later.


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