Friday, May 11, 2012

Off to the Forest with Red Riding Hood...

This is fun!!

Down the Rabbit Hole gathered a collection of photos depicting Little Red Riding Hood, and this is my favorite fun at Pinterest... gathering collections of Beauty & Imagination.  Here is my collection, to go with Amber's...

Vote on your favorite!!  (I made up my own titles)

1 - Lost in the Woods

red riding hood

2 - The Big, Bad Wolf
red riding hood

3 - Flaming Red Hood
Red Riding Hood

4 - Don't look back!
red riding hood

5 - Easy to follow
Red Riding Hood?

6 - Fear makes the wolf look bigger
red riding hood

7 - Bigger than Life

8 - Negotiating

9 - Through the Woods
Red Riding Hood

As typically happens while goofin' around on Pinterest, I've found so many pictures I like and wandered off looking at "red" and "wolves" until TIME slipped away from me.

Amber has an entirely different collection... and I'm sure if you searched Red Riding Hood, you'd find your own favorites. Which you could share with me, if you like. I won't mind getting lost looking at pictures again. Honestly!!

Which is your favorite?


  1. I like the first and last one best, but they are all great!

  2. My favorite is #5. I like the long red hood trail. Very pretty!

  3. I saw you had pinned them when I was on pinterest. I was gonna repin #8 but I didn't for some reason. That is my favorite, she's so close!

    1. Hey, cool!! I wondered if it was really obvious I was hunting down Red Riding Hood pix. That was fun!! There's a whole bunch more under Imagination Come to Life. Pinterest is TOO MUCH FUN!!! :-D

  4. They are all beautiful in their own way, but my favorite is #3- Flaming Red Hood.

  5. I think my fav is #2. I had to shrink it down so it'd stay within the blog lines, but it's bigger on Pinterest. That wolf in the woods just gives me the chills!! Only she's just standing there!! I think it's cool how the main idea of Red Riding Hood is NO FEAR right in the face of that wolf. Wonderful!!

  6. #8 Negotiating. I love it. Always preferred adaptations to fairy tales, especially when they are turned upside down.

  7. It's very cool that you decided to join in! I think I like 1 and 3 the best. I love the background in 1 and I think 3 is so different. Awesome picks!

  8. Probably number 2 I like the contrast of the black and white.


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