Saturday, September 22, 2012

Soccer Snapshot

Saturday Snapshot is hosted by Alyce @ At Home With Books. We share pictures we have actually taken. Ourselves. This goes against my Pinterest bone, but gives me an excuse for sharing personal stuff. Muahahahaha...

Today I give you..... SOCCER!!

My Cam is peaking over the other team's (#9) head. I love this shot because it shows how the 7-8 year olds cluster. The coaches are always shouting reminders of their field positions from the sidelines. The one green guy likes to dramatically sprawl on the ground periodically. #33 makes the majority of our goals. So far we've won all our games. I think it's 'cause there's only 6 players on the team and they're all pretty good and learning fast with so many playing minutes!  Last weekend, only 4 of our players showed up, so they each played all 40 mins of the 4-on-4 game. Cam made the first goal! He remembers how the ball rolled right past two defenders that just looked at it, but it went (slowly) right into the net! GOOOOOOOOOAL!!

We'll be watching more games today... two soccer games and a football game. [Today is Homecoming, if you can believe that! It snuck up on me!]  It's crazy having three kids in sports at the same time. I will never make fun of "soccer moms" again!


  1. Awesome shots! I do love remembering these kids are all grown.


  2. *GO CAM*!! <3
    They are all so cute (miss those days). And how awesome your little guy made the first goal! ;D
    Better be stocking up on TONS of frozen pizza, pop, juice, etc ... because you won't believe the quantity of food that growing boys go thru (wait til he hits his teen years!) omg lol
    oooh, beautiful new blog banner/header/thingie! Your site is so darn pretty, Laura <3

    1. Thx, MAD. You aren't kidding on the FOOD!! I picked up 5 boxes of cereal & 2 gallons of milk this afternoon I and HOPE they last 'til Wed, at LEAST!! Prob not.

      Thx about the header! I couldn't focus to write anything Friday, but I could dink around with some pix. A little before Bloggiesta, but fun!

  3. They are adorable! I bet it's great fun to watch them play!

  4. I remember when our boys' teams all followed the ball around regardless of position - it's quite amusing!
    They do grow out of it...eventually!

  5. Football! I've never, ever got to grips with soccer (American or British), but they certainly look as if they are enjoying themselves. My Snapshot is at

    1. Lol. I don't have a grip on it, either, but I'm trying! These little guys are soooo entertaining, tho.

  6. I loved watching the kids scurry around after the ball when ours were young ... that ball was a magnet, I swear! Position? Who cared? Run after that ball! haha!


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