Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Welcome, October!! Tea -n- Crumpets

octoberOctober. I don't know why I love it so much. There's a chill in the air... birthdays looming on the horizon... chocolate miniatures everywhere... October.

A year ago, it was already raining:
 "It's chilly inside and out.  The rain has moved in to stay, it feels like."
I'm enjoying the comments for the Fang-n-Fur Giveaway on why everyone likes October. I'm thinking about pumpkin pie and baking... time to bring out the slow-cooker recipes again, right? Not to mention blankies to read books in!! I love reading all snuggled up with slippers & wraps.

Autumn teaKind of like this... I was quoted recently, which is soooo exciting:
"The writing is like snuggling down into a huge pile of feathers and getting lost in the softness until you don't know which way's up."Colorimetry
The author quoted my review of The Palace of Stone... the author... as in Ms Squeetus herself!!  (Please *gasp* appropriately so I can nod like we're on the same page). I keep some authors on unrealistic pedestals and Shannon Hale is one of 'em.

Last year at this time I was thinking about blogging. I had already claimed "Burgandy Ice", but Twitter was still a confusing flock of obnoxious questions. (It's still confusing, but bigger, now, like a mountain range of birds.)  I suppose I shall have to 'fess up about my name. Maybe. Later.

I have so many grand ideas of what I'd like to do for my Bloggiversary. *rubs hands gleefully* It's a pity I can't dedicate umpteen hours a day to blogging as I did a year ago. Unintentionally, I chose a perfect empty space of time in my otherwise panicked rush of a life.

Which is good... Blogging requires TIME, especially at the beginning. Am I right?

CrumpetsFor our visit today I've found a recipe for crumpets.

I know... you're welcome!!

The author suggests making these in the evening so you can have one for desert and breakfast the following morning. Genius.

Every October I brainstorm ideas. This year I'm thinking of how to make a little side money. I'm not buying nearly as many books as I'd like to... not by half. Plus, there's always some little extra I want.

For example... Pick Pocket Molly is this weekend. It's a women's resale event in Clackamas, Oregon that gives 10% of the profits to women in need. I like to sell stuff in the sale, so I'm gathering some cute items I never wear. But mostly I like to buy. :-D

I'm going to start a regular feature called The Hub (I think. Takes me forever to pick names.) I started something similar last spring, but didn't keep it up. I want to buy stuff from people I know... or from people who know people I know... or from people who know people who know people I know... you know?


I'd like to figure out how to sell stuff, too. I've always wanted my own bookstore... maybe an online one? Only... all I can think of is buying books. Lol. I'm not sure I'd let anyone buy my books. (Mine!)

I have these great vacation resort rentals available... I don't know why I never thought of posting about them before. They're not exactly book-related... although I can recommend some great vacation reading!

Does anyone else have cool connections to great lil' businesses for my Hub?  

I'm gathering a list of who all I know on Etsy

so... send me links!!