Sunday, November 18, 2012

Monday - Holiday!!

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The best sort of Monday is the one that you can sleep in for!  :-D  The kids have this week off for Conferences and Thanksgiving... and this mamma's grateful to sleep in!!!  (Or rather, not wake everyone up to catch a bus by 7:30am.)  YEA!


Thanksgiving means "birthday" to me. Yep. I've been dropping hints about gift cards to Barnes & Noble for awhile now. :-) My birthday isn't 'til Saturday, but I generously offer to celebrate on Thanksgiving when we're all together - saves everyone an extra drive out to my house, you know. Plus... I can shop on Black Friday. *waggles eyebrows*

The Emperor's ConspiracyThis week The Emperor's Conspiracy comes out. I rec'd an early review copy from Edelweiss - 'cause look at that gorgeous cover! - and it was one of my favorite reads this year. I emailed the author requesting an interview and I can't wait to share it. *rubs hands gleefully* I'm a sucker for fog. 

Speaking of new releases, have you seen the final Twilight movie? I'm going to catch it in the theater, I think, but I'm really nervous after that Part 1. I'm scared to check reviews. I want it to be good so badly. Eep!

Last week I announced the start of Prism Book Tours and my new website and first tour book - Evie's Knight

Evie's Knight Book Tour

Every time I review an author &/or book, I get all these fun ideas. They almost burst out in every direction. Interviewing Kimberly Krey was a blast. She is such a fun character and her book has so many goodies... I'm goin' all out with the Tour!! One of my favorite mini-themes is taking on the art assignment on Page 31 -
"The professor continued. "Each of you will create a piece of art that represents a momentous event in your life. You'll need to select a partner within the class to analyze this piece.'"
I've got some artistic types thinking of art pieces already! Doesn't that sound fun?! I'm not an artist, but I came up with a momentous moment I want to portray in a picture. (Just thinking about it inspired a story idea. Lol.)  There's still room on the Tour if you want to get in!!  Sign up & get more scoop HERE!

I'm currently reading Evie's Knight. :-)  It's all part of plannin' my first totally awesome Tour!!

Sheila @ Book Journey hosts the awesome Monday Whatcha Reading share. Thank you!!

Catch my newest thoughts on whatever I'm reading in the Bible at this other place I moved those posts. I've wandered over to the prophet Elisha's life, which, well... he was a wild guy. Isn't this a cool lookin' button? I like it. I think I'd like to learn how to do graphic art stuff. 

Awake, O North Wind!

Indeed, it is moments like this where I feel I must quote Lady Catherine, herself, at the one and only Rosings Park -
"It is of all subjects my delight... There are few people... I suppose, who have more true enjoyment of music than myself, or a better natural taste. If I had ever learnt, I should have been a great proficient."
Since I now have a print copy of Pride & Prejudice thanks to Ruth, I can refer to page 113 specifically rather than vaguely waiving virtual fingers at it. Of course, I refer to art rather than music. But any subject might be inserted wonderfully.