Saturday, December 8, 2012

Snapshot - Gobble-Gobble!!

This is fun... Trinity took a bazillion pictures of her cookie-turkey that she made at school. She wanted to bring it with her to Thanksgiving, but it kept losing tail-feathers and eventually she decided that she took enough pictures that she could share her creation and no one really needed to see it in person, anyway... so it didn't make it to Thanksgiving, after all.

I think it's funny how she wanted so many candid shots with LIFE in the background. That'd be fuzzy-me! Me washing dishes, me cooking dinner...

Finally... me on my b-day. I get the hugs when I can from my busy-busy kiddledids. The two that are passing me up in height wouldn't pose, of course. No worries... I'll catch 'em for The Christmas Picture!!  :-D

Thx, Alyce @ At Home with Books for hosting Saturday Snapshot!!!  :-D


  1. Very creative turkey, and fun candid shots!

  2. Cute that the turkey wanted to be in the real life shots!

  3. Just catching up on my blog reading...LOVE that pic of you, Trin and Campten! (o; Mary

  4. What a cute turkey your daughter made. Great that he kept photobombing you.

  5. That candy turkey is adorable! I want to make one. :D

  6. That was adorable! I love the 'life in the background' shots. So much fun! And the hugs on your b-day one is priceless!


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