Friday, March 22, 2013

So Many Books...

It's agony... sweet, sweet agony!  So many books, so little time. 

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Here's my newest on my Nook:
Click any of the covers to check 'em out somewhere...

The Deepest Night (The Sweetest Dark, #2)  Full Blooded (Jessica McClain, #1)  Hot Blooded (Jessica McClain, #2)  The Eternity Cure (Blood of Eden, #2)  Daughter of the Sky  The Pirate Ruse

I have to agree with Kathy:
There is no way I will ever be able to read all the great ebooks I have but I love having my Kindle full of wonderful books
I sort all the books on my Nook like I re-arrange my TBR shelves. Just to look at them. *rolls eyes* Pretty, pretty bling!!!

Books I'm reading for tours (there's always room for one more on a tour - join in the fun!):

Terra (Terrestrials, #1)  I Have People  Sweet Mercy 

So far... 

I couldn't put Daughter of the Sky down... my review's up already. Lol. I enjoy Michelle Diener's writing style. This book is rather heart-wrenching and loaded with strategic details.

Eternity Cure is a review book... and I peaked inside* last night and it's... gory. In the first few pages, I was reminded of Immortal Rules - the nitty-gritty dystopian world & the disgusting rabids. The story dives right into choosing victims to blood... and visions of torture. Not exactly bedtime, late night reading. I was not sleepy after reading a few pages. Weird.

The Deepest Night will be a treat, I hope... I've been reading some of Shana Abe's books and they're so fluidly beautiful. I'm hoping this follows The Sweetest Dark in being more YA-ish since I'm a little skitterish around adult love-making, having my own man & liking to keep that sort of thing just between the two of us. *ahem*

Amanda Carlson's books are new to me... direct from Orbit via NetGalley. I think I'm in the mood for wolves. Lol. Full Blooded has some raving reviews on Goodreads. Maybe I should've checked for hotness levels... hm...

I won Pirate Ruse participating in one of Kathy's monthly Kindle Fire giveaways. You can win things by posting those. How cool is that?!  I'm saving it for a rainy-reading-day. :-)

Terra - Couldn't put it down. I tried, too, 'cause I like to read half-way through tour books to capture that  lovin'-it-but-clueless-still moment. But, I couldn't stop, the story is much too fun. This tour is coming up fast, starting April 1st, but... yea. Take advantage. Jump on the ride!!

I Have People found me huddled under my covers white-knuckled, nervous to see what would happen next. Taylor has captured that cycle of anger-sorry-love-anger that is too real to look away from. EEP!!

Sweet Mercy... Ha! All the appearance of sweetness and innocence... all the foreshadowing of it being an illusion. Planning this tour yesterday was DE-LIGHTFUL. I'm hoping to highlight those gangsters mentioned that ruled during the prohibition, not to mention, the secret moonshining boom.

At my house we watch every old gangster movie that comes out. All the moonshining ones, too. There's something thrilling about the real people who dared wild adventures... something *shivery* about the reality of their shortened lives. Is it creepy that I find that so fascinating?!

I also have recently acquired & wish I had time to read:

 Stitch (Stitch Trilogy, #1)  The Raven Boys (The Raven Cycle, #1)  13 (Tallent & Lowery Book #1)  Ocean Kills (Ocean Breeze, #1)  Limits of Power (Paladin's Legacy, #4)

I will... I will read them ALL!!  Muahahahahaha....

I have lost track of time... these are the most recent additions to my Nook that jumped onto my TBR. Not all my new additions...

*I have had a horrible habit lately of starting something and not finishing. Do you ever do that? It's very irritating. It's just... I have SO MANY books that I want to read NOW. 

I started Mastiff on audio a couple weeks ago. I finally pulled it out of the CD player in the car and took it back to the library. There are just too many details repeated too many times. Too many additional details added for fun. Plus, the style of entries in a journal sucks whatever tension there might be right out of the story. Ffffwoooop!  Gone.  I might return to it at a later date, but right now... Ugh. DNF.  My review of Bloodhound was unfortunately spot-on for me.

I've also peaked inside of: Beauty Queens, The Golden Lilly, & Throne of Glass this week from the library. I'm having trouble picking one "just for fun". I also started Mila 2.0 & Strands of Bronze and Gold (both released 3/12, weird!) while lingering in the middle of A Duke's Promise. Whatever is going on at the moment, this butterfly flitting? UGH.

However... I found Scarlet at the library on audio. Only... on audio. Lol. I've got the whole fam gathered around every night listening to it. It's all I can do to not finish it RIGHT THIS MINUTE!!!  But then I'd have to listen to it twice. 'Cause they're done skipping ahead to where Mom's at. Phthfffft

I also started Clockwork Angel. I haven't read any of Cassandra Clare's books, yet (somehow), but she's coming to my B&N on Sunday. I have it all planned out:  Before church, I'll run down to B&N & get a copy of Clockwork Princess and a bracelet with an early number on it. Then I'll go to church. (Happy Palm Sunday all y'all!)  Then... I'll go back to B&N in time for the reading & signing & meeting awesome author. My kids (?) will be happy b/c I'll be early in line... with the early bracelet number.  See?  Flawless!!

Today, however... I'm writing. My book is finally coming together. In one cohesive order and I'm squeeling with glee, kissing Scrivener. (I re-arranged everything without re-writing it all!!!!)  Lol. I guess it's no wonder I'm not getting much of anything else done.