Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Christmas on the Square

Life has gotten a bit hectic for me b/c I'm working... just a small matter of NO TIME.  For much of anything. At all. I breathe.

There are tons of perks though...

1 - I work on Pioneer Courthouse Square and this is my view every night while I wait for the train. (I had no idea my phone took such rotten pix. *raspberry*)

2 - One of my duties is to coordinate a Christmas Party.  Lol. Ok!!!!!!  I have 384 RSVPs. *fist pump*

3 - I get 45 mins twice a day to just READ while riding fore-mentioned train.  :-D

4 - Moments with family are precious... like gold [or diamonds if you watch Gold Rush. (Nut jobs.) What? They are all crazy... or going crazy. We're cheering Parker on, but he's getting snippy and doesn't care, which doesn't look nice on him. And those glory hole goofballs?!  Fix. your. hole. You don't arrive at your goal and quit. Duh.  Don't even bring up the dingalings in S America. Seriously. They continue to make decisions using the power of enthusiastic hope instead of tedious things like Research. Or Planning.]

5 - Prism Book Tours is still going... thanks to Tressa of Tressa's Wishful Endings who offered her organized brain to the mess and continually makes sure everyone gets their posting materials while I randomly check in and throw confetti.

I think that's it. If I try to think of any more perks to suddenly working full time and basically losing 10.5 hours of every day while still trying to do the same amount of other things I did before (like laundry) (and eat) I'll start slippin' down that slippery slope of whining.  And really... someone is paying me to throw a Christmas Party... and I'm right at that sweet spot of just getting to know all the other co-workers so everyone is super-nice and friendly and rather vague shadows of "who are you again?" and I'm not ticked off at anyone, yet.  Perfect.  No complaints. At all.  So there.

My building, the living postcard.