Thursday, October 6, 2011

Awesome AUTHOR Auction!!!!!

I am nearly beside myself with excitement over getting to order a SIGNED BOOK from my favorite author.  Ok, I debate whether she's my favorite for real or within boundaries or within a certain time, or what?  Regardless, she's up there somewhere, if I had a list, which I don't but I might some day.  Even if I sort of liked an author, I'd be thrilled to get a signed copy of a book I enjoyed from them.  You know?  So, whether yer a FAN of Robin McKinley or read one of her books at some point and thought "hey, that was pretty good, she couldn't possibly still be alive 'cause usually books that good are historical Classics written by long-deceased people."  I would say, "I KNOW!!!  And yet, she's ringing bells over in England somewhere and blogging about roses and dogs and stuff!"

On the side, if you ever read this, Robin, I'm so sorry I assumed you wouldn't be alive.  I've been following your blog for years, but I still remember that first jolt of "no way!" pretty clearly and it came with the wonderment of such a great writer still breathing.  You seriously can't fault me that!!  Although... if I ever write (and I think I would be proficient if I ever learnt) I would be SERIOUSLY IRRITATED if someone said that to me or about me.  So... sorry.

Where was I?  Oh, man... the coolest auction ON THE PLANET!!  I'll post a link so it'll feel like I didn't hide this joy to myself.  I am going to order The Blue Sword with a doodle of a smug Narknon signed by Robin McKinley.  I've debated a lot and I am just settling for what I can't live without.  I love all her books, but Blue Sword is like the book I reread every time I think I won't ruin it by memorizing every word.  That is not easy, let me add, b/c I've been rereading it for many years... over twenty.  I know, I'm not that old, but you see how I can be so surprised by how young McKinley is, too, right?

It's all so clear now!!

Sale and Auction

Check out the Sale and Auction of books and other goodies! All proceeds benefit the New Arcadia Bell Restoration Fund. Ends 9-October-2011.