Sunday, October 9, 2011

Signed Forest Born!!

Barely a week ago, Shannon Hale offered to sign a copy of Forest Born purchased from her local bookstore, The King's English.

There ought to have been some clap of thunder, or something, with that statement.  Instead, it tiptoes along like No Big Deal.  I feel like repeating it louder... GET SIGNED COPY OF FOREST BORN BY SHANNON HALE!!!

Yea.  That feels better.  Phew!

Of course, I can't help thinking about the series, now, which begins with The Goose Girl.  I have them all on Kindle.  I don't have a Kindle, mind you, but you can have books on Kindle even if you don't have a Kindle, so I definitely do.  I've read The Goose Girl at least twice.  It's my favorite of the series.  There's something about the part where the heroine is surrounded by newness and confusing things and makes her way, anyway, not to mention talking to the Wind.  Seriously wonderful stuff.  I already have a hard copy of Forest Born, but I don't think I'll let that stop me from getting this SIGNED version.  I like the cover art better.  I'll donate my copy to the first person who wants to pay the shipping... or the school, maybe, since I don't have any followers, yet.

That's pretty funny, actually.  I do plan on buying some followers and then anyone stopping by won't have to click the "be the first" button.  I clicked it once, but it's scary.

But I was talking about Shannon Hale, who is really awesome.  I have read Princess Academy twice, too.  That was because I read it once a long time ago and it was one of those books that got me into saying "YA is cool, man" - and I think Princess Academy might be aimed at younger than Young Adult, maybe like Big Kid.  It's really good, too.

My favorite of Hale's books, though, is A Book of a Thousand Days, mostly because that is one really great title.  Plus the cover has a book on it.  It is a book about a book!!  Plus there's love and a totally new and different world and a totally new and different culture.   I love it.  Three times so far.  If I describe it another minute, I'll have to read it again.

I'm reading a book by Pearl North, though, for Calico Reaction's October challenge.  Libyrarian is the name. No.... Libyrinth.  I have had a time figuring out how I wanted to pronounce Libyrarian in my head, having just finished the first chapter.  It usually doesn't take me three days to read one chapter (believe me!) but it IS the weekend and I couldn't wait 'til Monday to start it... and weekends are filled with Family, you know.  Every time I find where I left off on a page someone's hungry or something.  Oh!  Speaking of which, I better go feed the dogs.  See what I mean?  Always something!!

Here's the link to the King's English to order your own SIGNED copy of Forest Born.  (Yay!)