Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Fav New Blog Find

I think I'll start posting my favorite new blog find as I randomly wander through the world of Book Blogging.  The Perpetual Page Turner wins today's mention 'cause she cracked me up more than a few times just browsing through.

Plus, she has this great idea to Re-Read stuff on purpose.  I don't usually wait for an invitation, I reread as randomly as I do everything else, but if there's an invitation out there, well, SURE!!

My highest rank for a book is "instant reread", which is no joke.  Some books need to be opened again the same day they're closed.  Like, The Book Thief, is a great example.  The book is completely different once you know who Gen is!!  It's a beautiful example of two great books in one, the difference being perspective alone.  Love it!!

Anyhoo... I'm in!!  Books are friends, and I look forward to time spent with a good one!  Anyone else?