Wednesday, October 12, 2011

new "about me" page!

I just posted this for a bio.... under the "Burgandy Ice" tab.

The name Burgandy Ice comes from a rose hybrid that my thoughtful husband gave me one Valentine's. His favorite color is burgandy and he is "cool" whereas I am more of a dingaling - happily, I might add.

We have four kids all in school (see how I have time to read & write? Not that I needed the invitation.) Three boys and one girl... one kind-hearted sensitive type, one brainstorming ball of energy, one excessively cute jokester, and one bella dona who (against all odds) prefers glitter and dancing WHILE wrestling with her older brothers. I get a lot of phone calls from the school.

I have been writing obsessively forever. My first book involved tree sprites and a hidden key that built into an all-out war over the forest. I have lots of books, half-written on scraps of papers and books and documents everywhere. I also have lots of journals and blogs, one for each of our kids recording memorable moments randomly, family pictures, personal thoughts, and the five-year daily email to my sis in Mexico. (She produces curriculum for church Sunday school programs and maintains a print shop with her husband outside of Mexico City).

I started reading too much when we lived in England for a couple years. I found The Silver Brumby by Elyne Mitchell as well as the freedom to love horses without becoming a cowgirl. Dad read us the Narnia books when I was ten and I found the Princess and the Goblin by George MacDonald about whom CS Lewis said, "I regard him as my master." From MacDonald, it was a simple jump to find McKinley and The Blue Sword was my favorite book for years. I tracked down all the Newberry Awards and followed authors recommendations until I had entire sections of libraries in Scappoose, OR & Mesa, AZ mentally cataloged.

There was one important break from writing and reading that I took on purpose, recognizing that a little living might give me an edge I was lacking. Ok, maybe I just fell in love so completely and dramatically that every other thought flew far away for years. I believe in True Love having lived it personally - yes, just like Twilight only really different, too. HE envisioned his wife with long brown hair reading a book, so he's not complaining. I love classic cars along with him, now, and we spend our working hours and free time doing something related to restoring or selling those works of art.