Saturday, March 17, 2012

Happy St Patrick's Day - snapshot

Happy St. Patrick's Day!!! 

Is anyone fixing something special to eat? My grandma always used to fix corned beef as her lil' celebration. At school we used to pinch each other if someone wasn't wearing green. Cool, huh?  I'm still nervous about not wearing some green somewhere. One day getting pinched every time you turn around will do that to ya.  (Does underwear count?  Yea!!)

My husband's got a booth & truck at the Portland Roadster Show - the biggest car show in town, kickin' off this year's shows. He's got green candy today to share in the free candy bowl at his booth.  That's our big celebration.  I know, we really woop it up!  Lol.

Trinity made a Leprechaun Trap for a school project. She'll give a speech next week on how she designed and decorated it. (They start in 1st grade now, giving speeches!!)

The Leprechan will look inside and see a cute hang out with a mini green blanky, a mini green stuffed animal & coins... and he'll crawl inside through the netting and the trap door with suddenly shut and he'll be trapped!  Cute?!  :-)

I thought it'd be a perfect picture to celebrate today and join in with the Snapshot Meme hosted by At Home With Books.  The rule is basically to share a picture you took yourself at some time. If you got one to share, let me know!!!  Have a great day today!!!!!  And tell me...

How are you celebrating St. Patrick's Day?!