Saturday, March 17, 2012

IMM Sunday!! Roadster Show and books!

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This past week has been about the Portland Roadster Show. Whatever got posted was written between running errands for posters, flyers, candy, table cloth, etc, etc, etc, for the event.  Some book readers get excited about book conventions... at my house, we're turned upside down over car shows. Wanna see our booth?!  This is our gorgeously restored '71 Chevy PU. 

And here's our area, all the posters & picture mosaic & raffle box & flyers & EVERYTHING put together by ME!! With some help from Cool, Man (or maybe it was the other way around?)

Now my first book arrival makes more sense. The best way to draw Cool, Man into my blogging world is giving him a book to review! Which means a dip into vehicle tech.  This is my first book review for LibraryThing. They have such a wide variety of books to request!!!

Cool, Man just finished a B-Body Mopar a few months ago, this beautiful '68 Superbee. His eyes lit up when he saw this book. :-) After his initial browse-thru, he declared, "This is not a beginner's book", which  intrigued him. I suppose this means I should finish our shop's blog and post his review where Mopar-lover's can find it.  So many fun things to do... so little time!! 
Oddly enough, the reason I went to the Zoo on Friday was because of the Roadster Show, too... I was so frazzled, I just signed up as a volunteer, not realizing I had just checked the box to ride in the bus with 50 First Graders. (Exaggeration all mine.) The only reading I did on Friday was on that bus... and, believe it or not, Soulless took me far away so that when I was bounced into the air over a sudden slamming of the breaks in freeway traffic, I expected to see a vampire bleeding on the floor.

That would have startled a lot of little kids.

Of PoseidonNatalia of Dazzling Reads clued me in to Of Poseidon's availability on NetGalley, which I was avoiding in case I found something I couldn't live without, like Of Poseidon. Thanks, Natalia!! I don't know what I would have done without having this GORGEOUS cover in my hot little fingers already.

I Am a Reader, Not a Writer listed some great Kindle Deals again (much like Parajunkee's View did earlier today, only different.) I was inspired to see what Nook had to offer, since... uh, I have a Nook. Amazon is so handy with their buttons, you know?  They're tedious to put into a post, but they're pretty basic clicking. Whereas Barnes & Noble makes entrepreneurs jump through a lot of hoops to become an affiliate and then find a book. If you have any sympathy for the tediousness of this process, please see my two buttons linking to Nook deals on my Wow post last Wednesday. Admire them from every angle... they're beauties, I tell ya, BEAUTIES!!!!  (And no comments about "only two?!" from the peanut gallery!!!)

The following books jumped onto my Kindle-on-PC & Nook of their own volition. If you don't want that to happen to you, maybe skip the above-mentioned awesome links to great deals. *cough*

This book is really hard to Google or search for anywhere... you almost need a link trail to it. But with a cover like that... I was suckered in!!  Try it, search The Fate of Destiny... you'll find some self-help websites, a sermon or two or a list of books helping you discover your destiny. Note to self: Don't label my book using broad, deep words. Try to find something more google-able.

The Goddess Hunt (Goddess Test, #1.5)I may be picking the Goddess Series apart, but I still hope for Kate's gumption to kick in. Besides, for $1.29?  Why fight it?! I lose that much in the couch every week!!

11:15: The Making of a Halfling (FREE ebook)

This novella just came out this week - 11:15, The Making of a Halfling. I'm reviewing Halflings on Monday with Team Novel Teen, so I hopped over to The Christian Bookstore to see how hard it would be to buy a free book from 'em. You'll be happy to hear that it's easy!! (Phew!)

This week I reviewed Legend, Firelight, & Vanish - trying to catch up on reviews ready to be posted.

My favorite thing this week, though, by far... is the question on the Giveaway. What is your favorite part about new love?!  Even if you don't want to win a free book, you should join in the discussion. (?!  Who doesn't want to win a book? Now I want to enter my own giveaway. Can I do that?!)

What a week!!!  Was your week as crazy as mine?!  Believe me... I will never plan this much blog activity with a trip to the zoo and the Roadster Show all in the same week again. Ever. I slept so hard last night, I don't think I even rolled over between 11pm and 8am. I totally forgot that it snowed way back on Tuesday... that was so long ago!!!

(The boys made a snowball fort before going to school. That looks like a snowball sitting on Dash's head!!  Hilarious.)

So, really... did you have a crazy week?!