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Kick-Butt Characters Blog Hop

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For this great Giveaway, I have a Kick-Butt plan!!

I've been learning a lot about advertising - it makes so much sense now and I had no idea before...

Personally, I have always been careful NOT to click on any ads, since "I'm not a sucker", you know? That's how I thought of it. "Your ad is not fooling me!" was the only attention I gave to an ad.

This is what I've learned that has changed my opinion:

a comet 

Some ads kick back a percentage of the sale to the blogger who advertised for 'em. Like Amazon, for example... all those Amazon-related things in my sidebar or in my posts have my signature on 'em (think comet trail), so if someone (like you, for example) clicked on one of those and then purchased something from Amazon, I get a wee percentage of your purchase. Not from you, of course, but from Amazon as a "thank you" for having the link so handy for you (see? HANDY!):

125x125 - Paperback SaleBefore, it just hadn't occurred to me to make my purchase via someone's link. But now, I would support a blogger while going about my readin' & bloggin'!!  I think The Book Depository links are like that, same as Barnes & Noble and many others.

But GoogleAds... (this is not a poll for who likes Google and who doesn't!) now those pay-per-click. Meaning... as you meander around visiting your fav blogs and following this way & that way and commenting your appreciation... you could actually send a blogger money by clicking on their ads. I mean... talk about a "thank you"!!  Google Ad:

And whatya think book bloggers are going to do with that money? Well... nothing until it adds up to enough for Google to cough up the earnings... but THEN... those book bloggers are going to buy more books, of course!!  Yea!!  And maybe offer more giveaways so we can all win more books!!! (Well, that's what I'd do!)  Clicking on ads is one way of Kickin' Butt that is nearly effortless!
"Wear the old coat and buy the new book."  Austin Philips
Wear the old coat
and buy the new book
- Austin Philips

As incentive, I'm offering an extra entry to anyone who wants to click one of my ads. I can't even follow up to see if you even did it. (I can't say that per blogger rules.) THEN... I'm going to offer an extra entry to anyone who's willing to click on any other blogger's ads... that's an entry for "I'm planning on it".  That's two entries based on goodwill.  But hey... it's that easy to support each other.

We don't get paid by publishers or authors to read their books!!  You know? If they paid me, I'd have to do what they told me to.  Ha.

(BTW... those affiliate links are a pain to set up. They all require days of attention, jumpin' thru hoops to verify I am who I say I am and my address is what I say it is and that's really my blog, etc, etc, etc. Anyone with an ad up on their blog went through all that work. My newest addition is my Privacy Policy - check it out! It's totally official-lookin'! Ugh!!)

Shall we get on with the Good Stuff?

Any book with a Kick-Butt character is available for winning. I have some favorites for examples... and wouldn't you like to get Bitterblue when it comes out?!?!  :-D     Uh-huh... me, too!!

Find my Giveaway rules on my About Me page HERE. They apply, as always!! (Whether you review 'em or not.)

(Click on the covers to find these on Goodreads. These are NOT ads!!  :-)

The Hunger Games (The Hunger Games, #1)  Bitterblue   Scarlet  The Girl in the Steel Corset (Steampunk Chronicles, #1)  Half-Blood (Covenant, #1)  Pandemonium (Delirium, #2)  The Day of First Sun  Mastiff (Beka Cooper, #3)  City of Fallen Angels (The Mortal Instruments, #4)

[I tell ya... Hunger Games had BETTER be awesome!!! I saw a commentary last night and the producer read the books.  :-)  That's a good sign!  Are you gonna make it to the theater this weekend?!]  

Giveaways are my favorite opportunity to draw out Colorimetry readers and get all y'all's opinions on things. Today I'm curious about what you think of advertisements... if you have avoided them in the past, if my post has helped explain how they benefit bloggers (or if it's confusing?), if you still hate 'em, or what?!  Please feel free to vent... that's an essential part of kickin' butt any day.  And tell me...

What else 
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