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Review - Reverence, What Will You Seek? by Jeanie LS Galster

What Will You Seek?
by Jeanie LS Galster
Paperback, 90 pages
Published July 13th 2010 by Xlibris Corporation


Reverence tells an enduring story of a young girl's internal struggles and life's lessons growing up in Philadelphia. As the demographics of the neighborhood change so does the make up of her family. Years later, fate instills upon her a precious gift. Will she use her newfound gift to help society or fulfill her own needs?

Reverence delivers a different level of emotions, one that cause anyone to black out reasoning and teeter on the tightrope of right and wrong. How her life develops will keep readers engaged until the very end.

My Review:

I won this book some months ago, and since it was sitting in my TBR pile, but not moving up it, I decided to share it with someone for the Spring Cleaning Giveaway Hop. While taking pictures and describing the book for the giveaway, I opened to the first page and saw this great drawing and the type drew me in to read a sentence, which was a very exciting sentence with sudden death. So I read another sentence and flipped to another cool picture...

And the next thing I know, my giveaway post is sitting neglected while I read this 90 page book.  Ha!!

It's GREAT!!

The main character is writing as in a journal, like a memoir. Her life is so dramatic, I couldn't stop reading, wondering what she would do next!  She has such a great friend, but... nothing is simple. She knows she doesn't understand the Why behind what happens to her, but she records it all, hoping to piece it together sometime. To deal with the struggles, which I can't tell you about 'cause that would be much to spoilerish for a 90 pg book, she starts getting tattoos.

She gets specific tattoos for specific reasons, enough of them to befriend the tattoo artist. Every three pages, or so, there is a drawing in this same gritty style as the cover. I think it's a "graphic novel" - I'm totally out of my league here, so correct me if I'm wrong, but she's traveling the comic cons.

The tattoos become very important, but I can't tell you why or how, but this book is not exactly a memoir in the sense of clinging to reality. *ahem*  Nope.

I don't think I've ever been as surprised or as satisfied in 90 pages. This book is really good, and I'm so glad I got sucked in. Reverence is hauntingly gritty with courageous umph.

Cover Commentary: LOVE IT!  The cover is the reason I picked up this book in the first place, and I was delighted to find similar art inside. The picture is perfect for this story, even more so than the title.

My Rating: 4.5 - Great Book!!

About the Author:
Jeanie L.S. GalsterJeanie  L.S. Galster is currently a resident in Midlothian, Virginia.  She was born and raised in the Philadelphia-South Jersey area.  The Reverence Trilogy is her introduction to the publishing world.  Reverence Volume 1: What will you seek? was released in August 2010 to the public.  Reverence has been featured in the New York Book Review, Clarion Review, and Newswire.  In addition to the press releases done by Xlibris, the author has promoted Reverence Volume 1 at several conventions in 2010 and 2011.   Reverence has been well received by fans and the industry.  Reverence Volume 2: Sinners Revealed just released in January 2012, look for Jeanie L.S. Galster at conventions in 2012. Reverence Volume 3, the final novel in the series trilogy will be due out later this year.  
She was at the Wonder Con in Anaheim this past week & will be at the Pittsburgh Comic Con April 20-22.

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From Amazon:
Kindle for Volume 1 is $9.99, Volume 2 is only $3.99 
Xlibris - Volume 1, Volume 2 ($3.99 e-book)

Barnes & Noble ($15.99 or $7.99 Nook)

Some extra scoop on Volume 2:

Reverence Volume 2: Sinners Revealed continues with Allessandra's thirst for seeking knowledge and revenge for her parents’ killers. She comes to realize that the darkness of her city is being controlled by a secret group who also posses superhuman capabilities. The one she once loved is ingrained into this dark world and connected to those who killed her parents. This time she has help from her brother, Nico and her friend, Shamus who is a police officer. Allessandra is once again faced with teetering on the tight rope of right and wrong to help her city and to seek reverence for those who were lost. 

I found a great review of Volume 2 HERE - it contains SPOILERS to Volume 1!!!  I guess the second book is even better than the first?  Volume 3 is anticipated later this year.