Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Sharin' the LOVE!!!

My PhotoWe have a WINNER from the Leap Into Books Giveaway!!!  Plus, I won some awesome swag this week already from Haley at Crazed 'bout Books!!!  :-)  Woohoo!!!

Have you already won something this week?!?!

And the LEAP WINNER IS.....

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Tough call there are so many. Vampire Academy, In Death, Lara Adrians Breed, Night Huntress, Guardians of Eternity, Morganville Vampires. And thats just a few

Well, donnas, you will have to pick one, BECAUSE YOU'RE THE WINNER!!!!!!!  :-D

Hey... and I notice you have a blog, Donna's Blog Home, and I see you have a whole page dedicated to blog links with cool buttons... and I see that MY button is not there.  *ahem!*  Yes, my button may be a simple hybrid tea rose that doesn't even grow big and fancy enough to serve as a cut rose to display inside the house, but that's NO EXCUSE for not adding my button to your list of cool blog buttons. I don't think. Just SAYIN'!  
What?!  You're saying I need to design a cooler button?!  And maybe a PAGE BANNER that was also  matched?!?!  That's a really tall order for someone as html-challenged as I am. Plus... I really like classic cars and faeries and books and I don't know how to squish 'em all into one button. No... gardening is not really my thing. That's surprising?!  Huh.  Well, this is a tough rose variety, actually, and I am tough. With thorns.  Grrrr
This conversation is getting away from me. I have plans... when I get some TIME and don't have to take the dog to the vet while posting a new giveaway, I'll get some picture work done, ok?!
I'm getting distracted.
I want to pick another not-so-random blog follower for the wee $5 Thanks-For-Following un-announced prize.
For this Thank You I'm picking someone who has commented regularly since early January (according to my lil' search). She's congratulated winners, even, which caught my attention. She's very kind and thoughtful and really ought to start a blog.  :-)
My PhotoSophia Rose!!  I will be contacting you shortly if I can find your email address.  If you see this announcement and haven't heard from me, yet, EMAIL ME with your preference of Amazon or B&N gift card!!!  :-)

Who else has already won something this week?!?!  Oh yea... it's a GREAT WEEK!!!!