Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Wow! Book Love!!

I got this scoop from an author... which I accepted as a great idea because LOGICALLY I want authors I enjoy to continue to write books!

I give you... The Book Love Tier  (I made that up. Like it?)

books1 - Preferred - New from the Book Store
You support the author the most possible, you support the local bookstore, you're out of money faster.  Buy close to release date and promote your favorite book to Bestseller!!  If you can do it, BEST CHOICE!!!  :-D

2 - Great - Buy NEW from the Author, Publisher, Website
You save a little more money, author might make a little less off the sale, you are able to make more purchases. Purchase recorded towards book statistics.  This is the level I aim at as much as possible, not being able to pay top dollar, usually.
3 - Alrighty - Buy NEW at a sale or discounted price. 
Hey... enthusiastic book buyer splurges on more books, spreading the love around, author still makes a little (hopefully), SALE is statistically recorded which benefits the author.  I can't help loving this level and publicists know it... hence the sale!!  I'm a happy sucker. *sigh*

4 - Promotionally Acceptable - Free books for review
Authors and publishers need people to read their books, but advertising is nasty-expensive. Getting reviewers to read and promote their books is both better and more effective advertising.  Hey, somebody's gotta do it!! Why not me?!

5 - More Beneficial Than we Realize - Borrowing books from the local library
Libraries are major purchasing powers. They make decisions based on what people want to read. They buy more copies of books that are checked out repeatedly. The author I learned these tips from  figures out which books she wants to read from the library, then returns the books and buys them at the local bookstore. (How nice!!) She also encouraged her readers to check out books of their favorite authors whether they intend to read them or not. :-) This is a very fun practice. I just set my book-lovin' self free... I check out 10, 20, 30 books at a time. It doesn't hurt the library or the author or the book-lover. Well... maybe it does hurt my arms if I didn't bring in a tote to carry out the haul. And sometimes I suffer embarrassment over my enthusiasm.
I'm an open book for you. #love #heart #books #photography #vintage

6 - Unresistable - Used books sales
Buying a used book typically does not benefit the author directly. (Someone is thinking of whose books they want to buy used right now!!  Hahahaha)  The statistics are not recorded, the author does not get royalties, NADA. The used book seller benefits some and maybe they'll use the money to buy new books, or something. Books donated to a book sale might find their way to a reluctant reader who grows up to be a writer or a famous book blogger. I can't help getting books when I can, any way I can. And obviously money is a big factor. Better have the book for $4 than not have the book for $12. Duh.

I keep my Book Love Tier in mind all the time. When I can, I choose to benefit the author as much as possible, 'cause most of 'em don't live in Castle, like awesome JK Rowling. It's true. And I know who I want to be writing as many books as possible!!  If my favorite author has to get a job doing people's taxes, they can't write as much as I'd like them to, you know?

Being a part of the Book World is like a dream come true... the funnest "business" that exists. I want books to succeed and I want authors to succeed. 

Uh... Yea - WOOP!!  (That grand finale sentence felt like it needed a tribal yell afterwards, but I was comin' up empty.)

Ok... Waiting on Wednesday is hosted by Breaking the Spine...

This was BREAKING NEWS last Saturday, but I got pretty excited. I like themed covers especially when they're beautiful and use color well!!  :-)   

I grabbed an interesting link... here's an Interview on the third book on Entertainment Weekly.

I also found this sneak peak of the Fall Line-Up on Publisher's Weekly.... yikes!  :-D  Fun stuff!!  It's kind of a long list without cover pictures, which means reading, which I typically reserve for delicious books, but if I post this link than I can find it when curiosity keeps me up late at night.

What are you waiting on?!  
How do you show books your love?!