Saturday, April 21, 2012

Faery Party!!

Sheila at Book Journey has a Mini-Challenge for read-a-thon-ers.

What book are you reading?
Party food for a book discussion!!

(My paraphrase - hop over to enter and see the real-deal rules)

The Iron King (Iron Fey, #1)I'm reading The Iron King - and it just hooked me for serious now that Meghan is tackling this Nevernever faeryland like she's got a chance against all the threatening freakies hiding around every turn!!

I would love to invite everyone over to discuss this fun book in real Nevernever Seelie court style (or is it Unseelie?  I'm still a little confused!!)

through the keyholeI'd decorate the entryway to look like we're passing from our world to there... like a big keyhole!

fantasy garden by lillyfly06

I need shrubbery, trees, twinkle lights, dangling decorations draped from the ceiling & lots of sheer drapery everywhere. We'll have a waterfall in the corner and dry ice for crawling smoke across the floor.

I need exotic music that makes us wanna dance playing in the background and some sort of light show playing off the walls to create the feeling of being in the presence of dancing fae.

Fairy Berries for Fairy Lights sonageemerThen we need the table LOADED full of delicate treats, fruits of all kind in bite-size pieces begging to be eaten - strawberries, cherries, grapes and grapes and grapes, kiwi & pomegranate, watermelon and cantelope balls and wedges of citrus. Lots of long skewers to eat them with!  I'd like all kinds of delicious dips, cream cheeze & whipped cream fluffy creations in all different colors. I should probably drag out the chocolate fountain for effect, too.

Naturally we need  and flowers for everyone's hair!!  We'll kick off our shoes at the door, too!! And everyone can bring different flavors of mini-cupcakes to trade so we'll leave with colorful varieties of too many sweetnesses!!

Woodland Fairy Party

Oh, gosh... let's do it!!!!