Saturday, April 21, 2012

Her perspective Snapshot

Hosted by Alyce @ At Home With Books:

Originally... this was my snapshot:  The outdoor "booth" we hung out in all last weekend at the Portland International Raceway Swapmeet. We got sunburned!! This picture reminds me of relaxing in chairs, selling car parts and reading a book.

Now I'm adding all these: I downloaded these pictures off of my phone this week. This is Trinity's perspective of the Roadster Show we went to a few weeks back.  I like her focus...

Candy everywhere

Shiny pink

Cool flames

Where's the face-painter?

Cool stuff for sale

Cute model!


Mom's hair flower (why's Cam-shaft sitting way back there?!)

Bored big brothers

More shiny pink

Pretty flowers!

She's got such a bright outlook on everything, even Dad's events. She's surrounded by hundreds of cool hotrods, and she spots the flowers, the bracelets, and the PINK!!  Too cute.