Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Fairy Tale Hop, The Little Mermaid, and Anna Banks

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The following interview did not happen. It is a figment of the blogger’s imagination from pieces of real correspondence (yes, I refer to myself in 3rd person on occasion). In the interest of being painfully honest, the following color-coding will clarify… black is the blogger, and reality vs. imagination is nearly impossible to differentiate. Actual quotes from Anna Banks will be in blue. Spurts of Oddness will be in red. Don’t believe anything in red.

As soon as I realized this was a very specific Giveaway with specific detailed rules, I wanted to interview Anna Banks. Not just because she snorts coconut slushies, although, that has great appeal, but because she wrote a story with mermaids. And The Little Mermaid is my favorite fairytale.

This may date me, but my first experience with mermaids was not Disney. It was (*gasp*) Hans Christian Anderson, whose mermaid turns into foam having failed to win the prince’s love. (What does that mean that I prefer a sad ending?!) (Wait... you're thinking that I was born in the 1800's now, aren't you?  I just mean pre-Disney's version. Sheesh!)

Anna kindly dressed up in a mermaid outfit with a pair of coconut boobs and came over to my house, where we discussed cool release party ideas. (That was a test... are you following my color-coding?! See above!!) And had the following conversation:

I think you were very brave to write a Young Adult book with… well, they aren’t “mermaids”, what do you call them?

Syrena - it's the Polish word for mermaid. Don't tell Galen.

Ok. Next time you come over, do bring him so I can try not to tell him!!  So... where did you get the idea  for writing about them, anyway?

I got the idea to write about mermaids from an article I read which outlined how they'd discovered that the colossal squid--that ginormous thing you see with its tentacles wrapped around ships in old drawings--actually does exist. All this time, as late as 2005, they thought the colossal squid was just fishermen's lore.  I thought, What ELSE could be out there? Mermaids? Sasquatch? (I believe in Sasquatch, BTW).

bigfootWait... NO WAY!!  I believe in the Sasquatch, TOO!!! We're like, twins or something!!

What?! Sasquatch is real. I watch Finding Bigfoot. He's effing out there.

Seriously!!  I know!  (My husband's seen him, I think.)

I really enjoyed reading your book, Of Poseidon, and I was wondering what's next 'cause it got pretty exciting right at the end, where the story suddenly stops.

There will be a sequel, tentatively called Of Triton. Unfortunately, Galen dies. Or does he???? Mwahahahahaha! (Payback for my chili dog! I mean, it was a foot long!).

Hahahaha  Wait! You like foot long chili dogs?!  (This makes more sense if you see Snorting Slushies.)

Usually, it's salad and fat free dressing, mkay? And you know, sliced strawberries or something.

Oh, ok.  That's what I normally eat, too. Yea.

You really must bring Galen next time. Does he have any say about what happens in this book?!

Galen's visiting Danny @ Bewitched Bookworms with Toraf right now. On the real Tour.

Oh. Well. Okidoki!!

I'd like to give away a pre-order copy of... of... Of Poseidon... Hey, do you ever get hung up on the Of's?!

Yes, I stumble over all the "of"s. I can't tweet anything with the title in it until I've had coffee. Next time, no prepositions in the title. (Well, there's Of Triton, but none after that).

I think everyone should pause for coffee before tweeting. Definitely. Of Triton sounds so cool... when does that come out?!


Um... Anna?  We're having an interview, aren't we?

An interview like, today?  I can't! I have no less than 26 interviews to get done as of this second. And not with you!!

So... what was all this?  Seriously, where am I?!?!  And what just happened?!


So, I have a vivid imagination!!  So, what?!

Hey, you want some swag for a giveaway? I got bookmarks and Ohmysweetgoodness magnets....:)

Really?!  YAY!!    I mean yes!  YES-YES-YES!!  Thank you!!

Available to win for this giveaway:

A pre-order of... Of Poseidon or another book with mermaids and swag from Anna Banks!!!

Of Poseidon

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