Monday, May 14, 2012

Mailbox Musings

Mailbox Monday is hosted by Reviews by Martha's Bookshelf for the month of May.

Insurgent (Divergent, #2)I rec'd Insurgent on Saturday - an early-bird Mother's Day gift, so I could start reading the night before. Soooo thoughtful of my Cool, Man!!!  :-)  He also gave me flowers, which are beautiful, too. Almost as beautiful as the cover of Insurgent!!  :-D

Here's the stack of books I had with me at last week's book signin'. I got extra copies of Shatter Me and Under the Never Sky to share with Colorimetry readers - signed copies!!  So exciting!!  The giveaway for Shatter Me is already posted with my review. Later this week, I'll give away the signed copy of Under the Never Sky. Ssssoooo exciting!!!  I'm excited.  I have copies of Eve & Hallowed on my Nook, so these are to share, too... but no tellin' when.

Earlier this week Anna Banks sent me the picture of the box I posted last night - the one that's missing my address. The actual box arrived Saturday and I found a wealth of treasure inside!!

Here's a tiny sneak peek:

I really have to post about this separately... so, um, stay tuned!!

Musing Monday is posted by MizB of Should be Reading:

This week's musing asks...
Do you tend to read to the end of a chapter or can you stop anywhere?

Hey! So this question is REALLY IMPORTANT!!!

Whatya do when Tris has a gun pointed to her head so that "it forms a cold circle on (her) skin." [Pg 188 Insurgent] and your wonderful 8 year old asks for a popsicle. DO YOU GIVE HIM THE "NOT NOW!" FINGER?!

Stopping anywhere is an essential skill to learn to be a long-time proficient reader. I prefer to stop when the action or tension lulls, whether that's at the end of a chapter or somewhere in the middle. When the main character gets a chance to take a deep breath and contemplate things, I often do the same, pause and contemplate.

But I use the word "prefer" very lightly... 'cause people are more important than stories. The story will wait, right where I left it, whereas people change all the time. Relationships are fragile, irreplaceable treasures!

I didn't leap out of my chair to get my 8 year old his popsicle, but I did make eye contact with him (without thinking "knife-knife-knife!") and smile and say, "no dear, you've already had five."  Jajajajaja  I mean, I nodded, being incapable of speech.

wherever you are, read!
Maybe some readers can schedule in quiet moments of uninterrupted reading. Personally, I don't think "quiet" is essential for reading, nor perfect location. I read all over the place. And when the Post Office Clerk says "next!" I close the book, wherever I'm at, happy to have slipped away to another world for a few more moments.  Totally worth it!!