Monday, May 14, 2012

Crazy Anna Banks and Of Poseidon SWAG!

I received this box from Anna Banks. It's sort of a "thank you" for posting twice about Of Poseidon, I think, in a snarky sort of way. (I might be pretending again, in my own little reality.)

The box was full of goodies. Most importantly... the coconut boobs that she wore to our pretend interview a couple weeks ago, remember those? Well, she sent 'em to me. Signed. 

I can't tell if that means I'm supposed to wear them to our next non-interview?  Does she think I'll display them on my wall?!  I've just never received signed coconut wear to know what to do with them!

She also sent me lemon heads & drew a detailed to-scale picture of a shark chasing a tiny fishMy name is on the shark.  Based on the handwritten note, it seems I took some liberties sharing how she snorted coconut slushy all over her footlong hotdog.

I'm totally innocent, I tell ya, and not remotely shark-like!!  If someone is going to share an address to send FRIED CHICKEN to, well, they're going to get goofy questions like "did you notice your book is not finished?" Right?!  And if that same, TOTALLY GOOFY author is going to snort coconut slushies and tell a blogger about it, I mean, why would I not mention something like that?  Or the coconut attire?!  Obviously, I am the innocent fishy in this scenario!!

I don't know why I'm getting all hung up on the hidden-meaning psychotic stuff. She also send me some SIGNED BOOKMARKS & MAGNETS!!

In celebration of the RELEASE of... Of Poseidon on May 22nd & to thank Anna for being so very thoughtful, I thought I'd make it super-easy to tweet her a message while also entering to win delicious swag. Rafflecopter is soooo handy, isn't it?!  You can change your tweet up a bit, but I'd like to stay as clean & deep fat fried as possible.

Personally, I'm grateful for the swag, you know?  And the lemon heads are tasty. But what am I supposed to do with the coconut wear?!

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