Thursday, June 28, 2012

Freedom to Read!!

to the Freedom to Read Giveaway Hop!!

This Giveaway is International, like most of my giveaways because everyone is invited to celebrate the 4th of July with us this year!!  YEA!!  We picked up some extra-fun fireworks from Montana to celebrate and we're having a BBQ - and YOU'RE ALL INVITED!!  :-D

In case you don't live near me, you can enter to win a book. Sounds like a good plan, hey?  If you wanna drop in on the party, just RSVP so we know how many hotdogs to grill and bring something to drink, K?  and then enter the giveaway, too. 'Cause ya can't have too many books!!!

Are you ever curious whether anyone actually wins these Giveaways?  Lol. Well, I am!!  I just got back from  our awesome Roadtrip to Yellowstone & Mt Rushmore and I found THREE packages waiting for me, two books and some swag I won on giveaways. I'll post pix this weekend.  I also have a tonnage of Giveaways to draw winners for. (I was slackin' off while hosting b-day parties and packin' for the trip. I admit it!!)

Rafflecopter makes it so easy to push a button and announce a winner - giving me their email to contact, and everything. What's trickier is making sure the winning entry is legit and not losing anyone in all the excitement. Speaking of which.... if you won something from Colorimetry and didn't receive it, give me a holler!!  I don't bite!!  Everyone pretty much claims their winnin's real quick and the authors I've worked with so far are speedy to deliver, too.  I've heard you have a better chance of winning if you enter later in the giveaway rather than earlier, but lemme tell you, Rafflecopter is very, very, VERY random. So, enter away!!!!

My policy is to leave up the links on my blog 'til the winners got their stuff comin' to 'em. It's a way for me to stay organized. So if you see some old giveaways lingering, that's 'cause I'm not finished with 'em, yet.

Have you thought about hosting a Giveaway? Join with me on the Lazy Days of Summer hop!!  :-D  I like the giveaways a lot. Obviously.  'Cause it's funner to give books away than just buy what you want... and then it's challenging to try and win the books you want.  Plus, if you want to promote a book you like, a giveaway gives us all a chance to check it out and see if we really want to read it. You know?  Plus, it's rather exhilarating to have so many people dropping by your blog all the time. *waves* Hi!!!

Available to WIN:

Scarlet  Shadow and Bone (The Grisha Trilogy, #1)  Rapture (Fallen, #4)  Endlessly (Paranormalcy, #3)  Once (Eve, #2)  Seraphina

And the theme here?  Seriously good summer reading!!!  Ok, most of 'em are either new or nearly new releases with the exception of Scarlet - ya gotta win your book to go with the t-shirt!!!  :-D  It was released on Valentine's this year.

See all my giveaway rules under About Me, including Must be at least 13 & must be reachable by The Book Depository.

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