Saturday, June 30, 2012

Saturday Snapshot - Yellowstone!!

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I haven't downloaded all the pictures from our Road Trip, yet, amazingly.  There's so much to do upon returning from vacation!!  Reliving the experience isn't at the top of the priority pile. Laundry has taken over first, followed by peanut butter (or food in the house) with sprinklings of "where's my....?" as we unpack stuff and find out treasures.

We had so much fun, and I have so many pictures just from my camera. One of the highlights for all of us was taking Cool, Man to Yellowstone for Father's Day. I'll never top that, I don't think!!

My pix are more enthusiastic than great - I should clip this one to show the baby elk with the spotted back, but I kinda like the rumps in the shot, don't you?  Lol.

Happy Father's Day!!

Our kids are fascinated with volcanoes already, so checking out all these bubblin', stinkin' pools was Totally Awesome for them. We pulled off the road all over the place and had contests for spotting smoke in odd places.

For me, this is MEGA-EERIE:  hangin' out in a live volcano.  I had to tell myself over -n- over, "it hasn't blown for YEARS, it won't erupt NOW."  Everything about this part of Yellowstone pretty much screams "dangerous!" And it's so big. No wonder people come up with movies about "what if" it really blew up and destroyed the USA - I mean, it's HUGE and so..... active!!!

Uh... this is Old Faithful itself about to blow.

More stinking pools plus the friendly buffalo

I know you're supposed to stay 30 feet away from the buffalo, but this one didn't get the memo. He plunked down right next to the walking path to people-watch.

This is my favorite, The Dragon's Mouth. It sounds like it, too, spittin' & hissin' and spewin' smoke that was so thick with sulfur, it was hard to breath this close.  I like thinking there's a real dragon in there.

We felt like we saw "everything but a bear" - although, I guess we only saw.... an eagle, the elk, lots -n- lots of buffalo & a couple moose, which leaves lots of wild life we didn't see. But we wanted to see a bear. Since we keep bringing it up, we've heard some wild bear stories.

I guess my mom camped at Yellowstone when she was 12-ish and came face to face with a bear while taking out the trash. She ran one way and the bear ran the other!!  Yikes!!  (I'm so glad she made it!)

Do you have a bear story?!