Saturday, July 21, 2012

Drive-by VBS Snapshot

Alyce @ At Home with Books hosts Saturday Snapshot. We're supposed to only post our own pictures, which in my case, means some blur on occasion.  I have a good excuse for this week's posting... or rather, three excuses for three pictures:

1. Cam is turning away from me shaking his head, "No, Mom, don't take a picture of me!" Trinity's in the pink in front of Cam - you can see her pretty hair. (I love her hair!!)  The singing started, so there's an obvious level of thrill with all the participating singers. Lol. (That's some sarcasm leaking thru. They all look like they're deciding whether they're having fun, yet, or not. Lol.)

2. Taking pictures while driving - probably not recommended. (Sorry, Kali - I'm one of those "bad drivers" on occasion!!)  In my defense, I was only going .5 mph much to the frustration of the mom line-up behind me (in the rear view mirror!) The bright green shirts are the Games Volunteers goofin' around before the kids arrive. My Dash & Bear are in there somewhere. Good shot of the stump tho.

3. VBS always has the BEST sunsets - or maybe I'm just outside to see 'em?  On this night, thunder storms were rolling through and I took a BAZILLION pictures trying to catch a streak of lightning. They're fast!!  I'm driving 45 mph for this shot. But I didn't take it. (What were you thinking?!) Dash rolled down the window and took it for me without losing my phone. (Yes... this is the same Thursday night as Alyce's awesome shots. What a difference the holder of the camera makes!!  And a different angle. I'm sure it's the angle.)

This was a busy week for me, so I was not a green-shirted VBS volunteer this year. I picked up a lot of raffle stuff for the car show comin' up next month. And then... we moved Dash into the living room so he could have his own "room"... and then I ripped into the boys' room creating quite the big mess as I "cleaned" it for 'em. I separated the bunk bed, which cuts down on floor space, but creates more lounging space since they're getting old enough to hang out and... maybe not chat. What do boys do when they hang out? Listen to their music. Play on their DS's. Read their assigned summer reading!!!!  Lol. Starting Monday they will!!

Too bad I didn't take a picture of the mess at it's messiest. I never think to take pictures of that sort of thing, you know? I like to pretend I've got it all together all the time. *snort*