Thursday, July 19, 2012

ReReading Grave Mercy by Robin LaFevers

Grave Mercy (His Fair Assassin, #1)Grave Mercy
by Robin LaFevers

Grave Mercy 2nd time ‘round

(See my first review HERE.)

The following contains some spoilers!!

I haven’t reread a book since I started blogging in November. ‘Til now.  There is something so delicious about a book that has so much depth in the way it is delivered that is holds more wonder than simply “what happens next”. There is no surprise the second time ‘round. I know who the traitor is, who the deceived are, who the poisoned are. I remember, like a shadow, my first reading how I panicked on this page or cried on this one. The second time through, I don’t panic, I don’t cry. I dance a bazillion mini-jigs over the writing.

Do you do this? Collapse in awe over a well-dropped hint? Reread a phrase just to to shake your head and chuckle over how well it’s written? When I reread a book, I am stopping to smell the roses every sentence along the way. The first time through, I had to sprint to the end, caught up in the story. The wonderful wording flew by me… noticed, but hurried onward. The second time through I revel in each delicious line.  It’s like rolling in autumn leaves. I gloried in their green splendor before, but now they are multicolored, if crisp, and hold a different sort of beauty.

Anticipation is heightened, too. I haven’t read Grave Mercy so many times that I remember everything coming, but that shadow of what I felt the first time is layered with a glow of what I know is coming and the Anticipation is keen.

One of the biggest themes in this story is Ismae’s relationship with her Father, Mortain. The first time through I was hesitant and nervous to my core about this. Her relationship toward her father-figure and God is so big and I was terrified of some twisted betrayal. I was ready for Ismae to find loss, heartache, pain… I mean, this is the direction the whole political scene points towards as straight as her arrow! So the depth of mercy and peace in the midst of destruction was almost enough to bring me to sobs the first time round. As a second read, I clung to that final trust right from the beginning and every scene shifted ever so slightly so that I loved Ismae and Duval even more.

My first reading was an e-copy from NetGalley. My second reading was an ARC from a book-loving friend. (THANK YOU, VALERIA!!!!!) Having easy access to that map at the beginning helped the political world clear up for me – or maybe it’s easier to sort out the second time through. Or both. Honestly, this is a book I knew I wanted in my library – my favorite, so far, of 2012. My joy at rereading Grave Mercy is bumping it up to my rare 5.5 rating. 

That was absolutely EXHILERATING and I LOVE reading!!!

Have you reread a book this year?  Do you ever?