Friday, July 27, 2012

Hunchback of Notre Dame

Amber at Down the Rabbit Hole posted about the Hunchback of Notre Dame today. Honestly, I had to read up on it. I've seen the Disney version, but everything so cute (if darkly themed) and I had a feeling there was more grit behind the cuteness than I could guess. I was right.

The original story was written in the early 1800's about the Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris, which had fallen to ruin. The author, Victor Hugo, brought attention to this incredible cathedral with his story which took place in the 1400's.

Has anyone read this? It is a heart-breaking story according to what I read in Wikipedea. Beautiful Esmeralda saves Quasimodo, but when he tries to save her, he is betrayed by his father-figure and she dies. She dies!! So Quasimodo lies down next to her discarded corpse and dies, too.

The story surrounds the cathedral... so I start with Notre Dame... Which one tugs at your heart?

1. Glory Restored
Notre Dame,Notre Dame,Notre Dame,

2. Climbable Towers
Notre Dame

3. Notre Dame... host & character...
Notre Dame

4. Gargoyle view of the city
Notre Dame

 5. Confident hope
Hunchback Concept Art

6. Frightening and yet not
The Hunchback

7. "Beautiful, kind & generous"

8. Love for life
Disney Girls: Esmerelda by ~RyuichiTora

9. Just a gypsy girl
Gypsy Girl