Saturday, July 28, 2012

Snapshot - Roses, etc

Alyce @ At Home with Books hosts Saturday Snapshot, which is when I indulge in sharing my photo album to unsuspecting readers.

I already shared the pictures I took this week for getting raffle prizes for the car show I volunteer for. I have also taken pix of the kids swimming, which I'm sure they'd be thrilled if I posted. Lol. Instead, I'm going back to June when my yard burst into bloom despite me.

I am SO not a gardener even at the most extravagant stretch of the concept. But I did inherit my wild acre from someone who was. I am so blessed!!

I think someone planted this Clematis next to this Brodie (our term) on purpose, they're so beautiful together.

This is the famous Burgandy Ice rose given to me by my Cool, Man and the inspiration behind my name. My picture doesn't show the silver tinge or the depth of deep velvety red. (Oddly enough, I'm not a photographer, either!!  Not a concern.)

This is my favorite new mystery rose. It sprouted in an awkward location and has thrived under my hands-off approach... so much so that I wrapped it around the porch where an award-winning Clematis used to reign before I killed it. (Confessions later. Maybe.)

A beautiful example of an entire string of rose bushes that I have no clue how to manage. They're squished in between the cars, the dog kennel, and the shop.  I mostly help myself to cuttings to see and smell their abundant deliciousness. I wish I could add scratch -n- sniff to this post, their fragrance is powerful-sweet.

My favorite rose bush has yet to bloom this year b/c I attempted to care for it by pruning. It's producing greenery in a frantic survival technique that has me apologizing outloud to it every time I walk by. It's such a tree that its blooms hide over the roof of the house, you see, and I had hoped it would let me watch the show from my kitchen window this year, instead.  But no... it likes to sprawl or else it won't give me anything. They're rather moody things, roses.