Friday, August 24, 2012

Fairytale Friday - The Princess and the Frog

In Kahoots with Amber @ Down the Rabbit Hole...

Does anyone ever answer "The Princess and the Frog" when asked "What's your favorite fairytale?"  I've always thought the problem was the frog. It's so little. And slimy. And has a long tongue. Ew.

But "Beauty and the Beast" is the most popular answer. (In my limited blogging experience.) It's not as if we're picky about how handsome the prince starts out as. We might be able to blame Disney - I haven't seen their version, so they get off easy this week. (*Eye roll* I'm sure they're so relieved. *snort*)

So what's wrong with this story?

I blame the Grimm brothers.

They are the first to come up with this one according to Wikipedia - and they introduce a spoiled brat of a princess who doesn't deserve the gracious, transforming frog-dude. I propose the problem is the princess.  Which of us wants to admit to being a spoiled brat?  Hm? There's nothing to sympathize with there. Problem isolated. Now to fix it....

If I rewrote this fairytale... 

A - I'd create an amazing princess with a mountain of impossibilities, like the errand of filling the sieve or else, or a wicked step-father, or something that made my sad, virtuous, heart-broken damsel-in-distress worthy of being rescued by a dashing, daring, creative prince confined to frog form until he rescues her and wins her love, just the way he is, and transforms back into his true self with a kiss.


B - Enter kick-butt princess who solves impossible riddle of frog's true identity and dares to kill it, although it breaks her heart, thereby releasing him (much to her astonishment) from the evil curse.

Regardless of which princess we prefer... there are some common themes:

1 - Sad, Alone, Pool, Frog
Frog Prince

2. Talking frog, unbelieving princess
The Frog Prince

3. Frog has the Treasure
frog prince

4. Princess likes Treasure, not-so-much Frog
The Frog Prince

5. Frog negotiates special treatment
The Frog Prince

6. Princess really doesn't like Frog
The Frog Prince

7. Everyone notices Frog. Awkward.
The Frog Prince

8. Princess catches on

9. Princess breaks the curse
frog prince

10. Princess demolishes the curse bravely!
The Frog Prince

11. Prince transforms into true self
Frog Prince

12. Prince has emotional issues to deal with
The Frog Prince

I found these pictures on Pinterest. If you'd like to join in the fun, I'd be happy to invite you!  If you already have an account, lemme know so I can follow your boards!

If you could rewrite this story... what sort of Princess and Frog would you like?