Saturday, August 25, 2012

Monthly Book Haul - Sweet!!

I'm so glad I decided not to accept any more books for review!!  Otherwise, I would not be sharing just 16 books... it'd be more like.... well, more. When I'm reading 1/wk like this summer, I'm either "in trouble" or "in deep trouble". Lol. I'll take this sort of "trouble" any day, though, you know?  I can never have too many books!!

From NetGalley:
Montana Dreams

Great books to be highlighted SOON:

Rising Shadows

From Edelweiss:
The Emperor's Conspiracy

FREE on Amazon this past week! Score!!
Love Unfinished

From publicists. I really want to read these!!
The Sweetest Dark   

How To Market A Book

Fun book!!  I'm enjoying it as much as my 6 yr. old!
Jesus Calling Bible Storybook

Hot stuff at my house - Pokemon is the BOMB!! Lol.
Pokémon: Diamond and Pearl Adventure!, Vol. 6

I won!!  I enjoyed interviewing Taylor Dean for Lancaster House. I was so excited to WIN Sierra from Jennifer on Clean Romance Reviews. THANK YOU!!  It's signed, too!!  :-D

I also WON this awesome prize pack from Becky at Becky's Barmy Bookblog w/ a signed print copy!! Yes, I realize I offered this prize pack on Colorimetry - but this is the first time I've WON it!!  And I love The Lure of Shapinsay and am a hard-core fan of Krista Holle, so I'm jumping up and down excited!!


Finally... I forgot to mention that I WON this ebook from Laurie's Paranormal Thoughts back in May. Inexcusable, I know, but it's hard to stay organized when I'm having so much fun. Please excuse my over-abundance of fun.
Everlong (Daughters of Askara #1)

There's a library or two near by, so I have all of these enticing me away from any boring obligations that threaten to dull my summer.

Did you get some new books I can drool over?  (Not literally. I would never. Sheesh!!)