Tuesday, August 28, 2012

It's not Monday - Chit Chat #3

teaDo you ever have a Tuesday that looks a lot like a leftover Monday?

At least the last Monday in August is not as oppressive as the first Monday in January. (First month, first big To-Do day!) The first Monday back at school rivals it, though... and lots of folks is feelin' that today. I mean, yesterday. 

Not me. School doesn't start for my fam 'til next Tuesday. So I have no excuse. For today feeling like yesterday.  Except...

I just have way too much stuff I put off. Procrastination'll do that to ya: lengthen days into weeks. When I'm trying to drag out my beautiful long summer days, procrastination backfires. The sun setting earlier every night doesn't help. Seriously... what's up with that?!


The best book news of this week (so far) is that I rescued some books from a sweet person I'd lent them to who wasn't gettin' 'round to 'em.  It felt like a small victory worth a classic inept hiney wiggle. (I'm not a dancer. But that doesn't stop me from puttin' on some moves.)

Epic FailHaving rescued Epic Fail, I had to read a bit. This is one of those books I won last fall from Jaded Little Girl - a sort of celebration for not achieving the NaNoWriMo word count. Ha!

Could this get more pathetic? I'm losing days, I can't dance and now I'm celebrating failure.

See what I mean about this Tuesday acting a lot like a Monday?!

My point is... Epic Fail is absolutely hilarious. I brought it to football practice last night and was cracking up on the field. Lol.

It cracks me up just thinking about it. I look like an obsessed mom watching my son practice football when most the other parents just drop their boys off. The few parents lingering stand around on the grass or lounge on the distant bleachers. Not me. I got my collapsible seat, at least two books, a sweat shirt for when the sun sets, and a drink or two (and maybe a snack.) I spread out and get comfy. And when the coach sidelines my son on a play, I'm right there seeing if he's injured. (Or whatever.)

Last night I was bursting out with random guffaws over Claire LaZebnik's writing. Looking around to see if anyone noticed. Lol. As if that was a concern.

Pride and PrejudiceThe story is following Pride & Prejudice rather closely so far, if in a completely new context. The fun part is how well the author remembers important points to Jane Austen's incredible story. She's getting the nuances right with all the characters. Absolutely laugh-out-loud fun.

I have read P&P every summer for awhile now. Maybe this will satisfy my craving.

This reminds me of caps for sale  Andreas NoƟmann
It's not just NOT Monday... it's also NOT the end of summer for me. I'm not done with all my plans for summer, so they're spilling over into September. I didn't read all the books I planned on, primarily.  Or write as much as I wanted. These are things I must tackle responsibly. It is my obligation. And I'm willing to sacrifice what I must to fulfill these important obligations. I am, after all, a reader of upstanding character.

I know I'm not the only one out there. Is there anyone else that will bravely make a stand and say, "I am willing to accomplish my summer reading goals even in September!"?  

It's ok if you feel somewhat intimidated. Grand goals like these are not upheld easily, otherwise everyone would do it. Bravely make a stand for your TBR pile. You're not alone.

Credits: Book covers click thru to Goodreads. Other art pulled off Pinterest. Content is original spam from my head. I don't know why I called this Chit Chat #3. It's the first one. Except maybe a previous attempt at Have a Cup of Tea...