Monday, October 1, 2012

Bloggiversary - First Posts!

Coming up on my one year Bloggiversary... I'm reminiscing about The Beginning. 

First EVER...

I was fiddlin' with pictures. I had NO IDEA I would need to know how to fiddle around with pictures. Nope. This was pure luck. And fun. And didn't go anywhere.

But that post was back on April 14th, 2011. This was like my test drive. I didn't start blogging, yet.

First Book Reviews:

I wanted to go back to these first posts and update my pictures, but for nostalgia's sake, I left 'em. I hadn't heard of Goodreads when I posted these. I couldn't figure out where everyone was pulling such great book covers from. (Click on 'em to read my reviews. Or rather, don't!! Lol.)

But I didn't start blogging, yet. I was still testing... zero followers. 

Then... on October 6th, I jumped in with both feet and I've been posting nearly every day since. My first post was a book review, of course:

... followed by my first author-signing ever. This is me in a daze!

With Maggie Stiefvater

I can't wait to go to Wordstock again this year. Maybe this time I won't wander around like I'm lost. Then again...

It's alright to have a Beginning, you know? It's fun to be NEW. How often I mumbled "I'm new, I don't know what to do!" to myself, but I didn't care. I'd never had so much fun.

Do you remember when you didn't know what Goodreads is? Or that there were a bunch of book lovers blogging about books? It's like discovering Narnia through the wardrobe!!