Monday, December 3, 2012

Book Lover's Holiday Hop - Journal It!

Back by popular demand... 
...Journals & Things

I love journals, etc.!!!

I recently wrote about my Journal-Craze and I got soooo much great feedback on "what a great, unique, creative" giveaway that I wanted to offer it again. I scoped out my favorite journals at Barnes & Noble. Have you seen 'em? There's some really amazingly beautiful ones with leather wraps and stuff.

My creations are a little homier. Lol. (Think "organic".) Happily for me, this is my favorite new look:  "homemade". I chose a blank sketch journal because it's nicer to write without lines. Who cares if it's crooked? If you're mad, you can scrawl big!!  :-D


As I got out supplies, I got to brainstorming bookmarks. Miki's creation got me looking at my fibers with new perspective, and the next thing you know, there was a craft-explosion in my kitchen. 

Every book reader should have a collection of Bookmarks.

The ones I made were so easy and fun. Since I got carried away... and since it's nearly Christmas... and since I am a hoarder and have more fibers and beads than I know what to do with... I want to offer a few things "for sale". Maybe I'll create an Etsy site later (if I learn the art of picture-taking), but for now, this is just for Colorimetry readers -
Get a few for yourself or have me send one to a book lover with a personal note from you - 
I am not charging a lot on purpose. Too many things are overpriced, nowadays, so I'm taking a stand for awesome gift-giving at reasonable prices!!  (If you think "awesome" applies in this case. That is debatable.) I have no idea what these would cost to ship, so payment is due after I get that info at the Post Office. I will mail as soon as I rec'v pymt via Paypal... or Amazon gift cards. Hehehe 

Gift Wrapping is available for an extra $1. My regular wrapping is recycled materials, so it's pretty cool already (if "cool" actually applies), and you can add a personal note for free.

Paperclip & Fibers Bookmarks!!  

I saw this idea with a standard paperclip & it just so happens I have these super-cute ones. Aren't they adorable?!  $2/ea + shp

Christmas Braided Bookmarks

I have 1 Tree & 2 Ornament embellished bookmarks - so, um, "limited supply". Lol. $4/ea + shp

Twisted Fiber Bookmarks:

These are my favorites. I love the earthy tones and the soft fibers. If I could give one of these to every book lover I know, I would be a happy camper. (I would also be done with twisting fibers for the rest of my days.) $5/ea + shp

Did you always want a Peacock Feather (Bookmark)?!


I love peacock feathers. My neighbors don't have their peacocks anymore, so these are a limited supply.  (Stop laughing, Vale. These are not my feathers. I mean, they're mine, they're just not mine. *rolls eyes* Whatever.) Since these are from a real bird, some are gorgeous and others are real bargains. :-D  $1 & up + shp  If you want one of the real long ones, the shipping will be spendier.


Wrapped Journal with Psalm in the front cover $15 + Shp
(Under assembly)

3.5x5 in. Mini blank sketch Journal - $8 + Shp
(Also under Assembly)

Hardback blank sketch journal with personalized embellishments & colors $15 + shp
(Not this one... but similar-ish)

Swag Boxes - 

Every book lover needs a Treasure Box for collecting their Swag. :-D  Coming soon!! (Seriously... you will love this. I forgot to take a picture of my decoupage creation, but it's saweeet!!)

Email me with "Book Lover" in the subject to check availability & order!!  BurgandyIce(at)live(dot)com


Winner to receive an assembly of All of the Above-ish: 

Special Requests honored if still available.

This is an international giveaway for book lovers everywhere. Must be of age, enter via Rafflecopter. See my Giveaway rules under the About tab.

I would like to require that the winner write in their Journal. But that's a little hard to follow up on. It's also very bossy. :-D

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