Thursday, January 16, 2014

Live a Little, even if there's a Tear!

"I had grown accustomed to my father's abandonment..." Pg 151

I'm wiping away the tears on my lunch break...

Just in time to be interrupted by a Minion asking me a question to which they had already pre-determined the correct answer. My job, therefore, was to find the Correct Answer with "hot" and "warm" and "getting colder" responses until I arrived at where the Minion was directing me and then announced it as Policy as if the Correct Answer was my own.


I'm not always a good Gru, but I try.

Just add boots,  and this is me today!!   :-D

I suppose the tears are a good indication that the answer to yesterday's questionWhen I was offered the position of one of the most respected people I've ever known in the work force, I:

C) Burst into tears

Carpe Dium, smell the roses, live each moment to the fullest, that's my policy. If it involves some extra emotion at really awkward times?  Well... then... *cough* you have more stories to share, right? Or more secrets. 

In my defense... In that moment I realized I would be gone from home 40 hrs/wk - 50 counting travel time. OMG. I also could not believe I had asked for so little per hour. *sputter*  You know you have asked too little when they don't even negotiate. I would've felt better if they'd've haggled a minute. Still. I couldn't believe I would be making that much money, either. Plus.. I could not believe they would hire me. I mean, I've been a stay-at-home... uh... self-employed person for some years. About eight. I'm still not sure why they hired me, but that was smart of them. Lol. 

It is always wise to remember that 
"Pride comes before a fall", yes?

Which brings me of my Most Humiliating Day. I had been working three weeks successfully and was thick in the middle of that honeymoon season of "I can do no wrong!"  It felt like everyone thought I was amazing and the rosiness was threatening to blind me with Awesome.  That morning I noted in my journal, "I hope it is not all too good to be true!" 

I must've felt a storm brewing behind the wind of my glory. I could never have predicted the size of my humiliation. So here's another multiple choice question for you.

Did I:
A)  Forget to wear clothes like the Emperor?B)  Plan a party for 400 people on the wrong date?C)  "Reply All" with confidential information for my boss regarding one of the recipients?

*shudder*  If you guess the right answer on this one, my humiliation will be complete.  

Or will it?!   Muahahaha... Oh, there's more. There is definitely more!

First, a moment of "oh no!"  from pg 151 of Edenbook:
"I closed the door and crossed the room to look out the window, fighting to keep from my heart the truth that had been thrust upon me. I may as well have been trying to blot out the sun. There was no escape from being unwanted. And that was the truth that struck me the most deeply. Nobody wanted me - not my father or my grandmother or the Wyndhams. Not Louisa. Maybe not even Cecily. And certainly not Philip... 
I felt like I did the fist time I had been thrown from a horse, with the reins yanked from my hands and the ground rushing up at me. Then, as now, there was nothing I could do to prevent the pain that was coming."
Oh... how well I know the feeling. That moment of... here it comes! and nothing to break the fall.