Sunday, July 29, 2012

Book Haul and Sunday FUN!!

 Weekly Book Haul!!

I'm still confused as to where to link up my new books, which is handy for summer because I am working rather hard on NOT accumulating so many new ones. I am figuring out the library. I am reading every moment I get the chance to. It's wonderful. And I don't have to post - or feel badly about not having new books - every week.

I'm curious... which link up are you finding the most interesting for sharing your books? Or do you link up anywhere?

My favorite new book is an ARC of Grave Mercy sent to me by Valeria, which I've already RE-read and RE-reviewed. *sigh* Absolute deliciousness!!  As you can see, she also sent me swag and a hand-written note, which I'll be saving with my swag treasure box. Hand written letters are rare, you know, and worth treasuring.

Want to see my treasure box?  It's real!!  :-D

I like my little swag collection, over which the signed bikini coconuts rule. Before blogging, I didn't know I needed a treasure box of swag. *sigh* Life is so much better now!!

I snuck my library book in the picture, too, since I read Every Other Day in record time despite being too busy to read. I'll post my review SOON. I've already shared two fun quotes. This is the best book I've read by Jennifer Lynn Barnes so far and she's joined my short list of Must Read All By This Author.

Speaking of "my library", how many people get two?! I live in one of those odd zones where I can get two library cards. Clackamas County AND Multnomah County, both of which are great libraries with great programs and extensive networks so that I can reserve anything online for easy pick-up.  Just writing that makes me drool in jealousy.

Technically, the kids' school district is in Multnomah County, which is how we get that wonderful library system. This is "the library that feels like my own, familiar shelves", which was so near my husband's work, I visited weekly.  About which I blogged about on Book Love Tier, or how to effectively love books.
5 - More Beneficial Than we Realize - Borrowing books from the local libraryLibraries are major purchasing powers. They make decisions based on what people want to read. They buy more copies of books that are checked out repeatedly. The author I learned these tips from  figures out which books she wants to read from the library, then returns the books and buys them at the local bookstore. (How nice!!) She also encouraged her readers to check out books of their favorite authors whether they intend to read them or not. :-) This is a very fun practice. I just set my book-lovin' self free... I check out 10, 20, 30 books at a time. It doesn't hurt the library or the author or the book-lover. Well... maybe it does hurt my arms if I didn't bring in a tote to carry out the haul. And sometimes I suffer embarrassment over my enthusiasm.
 Recently, however, Clackamas County went out of their way to build a library within a mile of me. Could they be more considerate?! I may carry two library cards, but I was 10 miles from either of 'em until this new development.

When I say "build", I mean "new". It's so new that I don't know where my favorite authors are located, yet. I've only barely explored the layout. I feel like listing off all the people I'm grateful to for receiving such a great reward, except  I'm the only one in the audience. Instead I keep looking over my shoulder to see if this is a trick. Maybe they'll relocate the library once they realize how close it is to me. I'm not going to tell them, just in case.

Whispers in Autumn (The Last Year, #1)In other book news... Trisha Leigh generously shared her book with me. Did you see my Interview with her? Make sure to enter to win a copy of Whispers in Autumn as well as The Fairytale Keeper by Andrea Cefalo.

Saturday I was more busy than usual, packing my day full of fun. Happily for me this included a trip to our lil' Day in Damascus where there was a book sale. Hehehehe

Earlier this week, Alyce blogged about the Best & Worst of Anne McCaffrey. We're both wild, raving fans (or maybe I'm the wild one and she's simply raving?) She described Crystal Singer as one of her fav books and I commented on The Ship Who Sang (which we also agree is comparably also the best) and wouldn't ya know I found 'em both at the sale?! I was so absorbed in looking over my books that I lost my tickets to buy them... but I wouldn't leave my stack in the book seller's care, oh, no. I tried to tell her I'd come back to pay, which she wasn't goin' for. Lol. So, I compromised and looked the sale over again and found my tickets.  I purchased all of these for $4!! 

Kali, I might not have looked hard enough to find all these books except there was #4 in The Dark Tower series that you recommended I had better read or else... so I kept looking 'til I found #1, too. Oh yea!!  I have my own copy of The Gunslinger, now!!  And I'm blaming it on you!  (Um, that's a really good thing.)

As well as Island of the Blue Dolphins & A Midsummer Night's DreamDoes anyone else collect Shakespeare?  I do.