Sunday, July 1, 2012

First Monday in July - Welcome!

June is crazy for me, so I welcome July with open arms!!  It's the first Monday, and I say "Hi, July!!" *waves*

What did I read in June?


I read Half-Blood & Scarlet. I want to cry over all the reading that might have happened that didn't, but that is how June goes for me every year. I get buried in birthday parties and end-of-school events.  This year we added Armchair BEA & a Road Trip.... plus moving my husband's shop & planning how to re-arrange the house.


That's what I'm working on, now, moving & cleaning. This past weekend, I moved ALL OF MY BOOKS, well... almost all my books. I'm really happy about this bookshelf line-up under a big picture window... and I claimed a tall shelf almost exclusively for my current fav's and Burgandy Ice fun.

Oooh.... wanna see a picture?  Trinity posed for me. Lol.

It's Monday, What Are You Reading?  is hosted by Sheila @ Book Journey.

I've been reading The Iron Daughter this week. I finally got a little book light so I can read at weird hours in weird light. It doesn't work as well as my Nook, of course, but that's a high standard to compare a lowly book light to, even if the clip says "Montana" on it.

You know what's totally WEIRD, though?  Have you read any of the Iron Fey books?  *ahem*

This book light has the bright LED light and this bendy wire so I can adjust it.... and it gives me the serious CREEPS being attached to this book.  I look at my book light and I see this:
"I caught glimpses of things moving along the walls, flashes of blue light, like erratic fireflies. A moment later, I realized they were gremlins - hundreds, if not thousands of them - scuttling over the factory like ants. The blue lights were the glow of their fangs, hissing, shrieking and baring teeth at each other. A chill ran through me, and I shivered." Pg. 314 The Iron Daughter
*shiver* I've never named any of my doodads before, but it's time to come up with a creepy iron fey gremlin name for my book light!!  :-D

Memorable Monday is hosted by Escape in a Book.

So, I know what you're thinking... how could a "Reader" not even finish three books in an entire month?!
I'll ask a question back... where did June go?  Tell me that!!!  What a weasley month to go scrambling out of my reading reach by cramming itself full of life. I am innocent, I tell ya!!

And, I did critique a smidge and write a chapter or two. (Barely)


There's no excuse.  I maintained my Reader Status by carrying lots of books everywhere and being absent-minded so people had to ask me questions twice before I heard them.

I'm just happy that it's July and the month is loaded with reading possibilities.  I've already started Degrees of Wrong on my Nook so I can leave the gremlin-thingy alone for awhile, although I have The Iron Queen sittin' here watching me with glowing blue eyes.

Hey... what should I name my light?  
You got a good creepy-crawly name idea?


  1. I don't know if you're familiar with the first few chapters of The Marbury Lens, but I read them on a darkened bus, and it totally added to the effect.

    1. No, but now I'm curious!! It's funny how some reading is enhanced well with some things!! :-)

  2. Enjoy your upcoming reads! My favorite read last week was The Bride's Kimono by Sujata Massey. Please come see what else I'm reading.

  3. One advantage of being at my summer home for a vacation is that I don't feel any need or desire to reorganize. After all, it is just temporary. Also, can't help you with the name thing. I have never named an inanimate object. I did love the Iron Fey series though. My Monday Report is here. Happy reading!

    1. Ah... the benefits of a summer home!!! Most people call this "spring cleaning" but I'm a little behind schedule. Lol

  4. I'm not familiar with your books this week, but I hope you enjoy them all.

    Have a great week!
    Kristin @ Always With a Book

    1. Funny how there's so many books we don't always bump into each other fav's, isn't it?

  5. Better late then never ;) I must admit that I kind of fell of the iron train with the first novel. BUT your quote goes a long way towards convincing me to pick up the next installment.

    1. Lol. I think I fall off the train a few times every time I read Kagawa. I have this love/hate thing going right now, but the fey world has crawled under my skin. I'm being won over... not just to Kagawa's books, but to all things Fae


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