Monday, March 11, 2013

A Moment of Bunny Rabbit...

I am astonished at all the non-owners of Bunny Rabbits for the Lunar Love Giveaway. For all of you who don't have fluffy bunny cuteness, this should do ya:

rabbit  rabbit


rabbit  Bunny rabbit

Snowy rabbit...

bunny rabbit  

Angora Rabbit #Rabbit

Just rabbit

Peter Rabbit & Friends  Shy Little Rabbit

Rabbit charms  rabbit in the silent woods

Tres Marias Rabbit


Lol. I'm going to go skip in a field full of flowers, now!

(These pictures can all be sourced thru Pinterest)


  1. Oh the cuteness! Love the last one. Could caption that one Bad Hare Day. We own a grumpy mini-lop and I adore her even though she isn't a cuddly bun.

  2. Hmm, I have a cat, & the tarantula... it fled (& no one knows how she did it).
    Any count?

    A friend had a rabbit... it would pee people (though THAT never happened to me, thank god!)

  3. What? Lol! They are cute! I have a beloved little dog. :)


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