Tuesday, March 20, 2012

We're WINNIN' now!!

I just.... I just have no excuse for not announcing winners earlier. Except (there's always something) I really like to add some pizazz, you know?  So that even a winner announcement post is INTERESTING. Not to mention, pick out another Non-Random Follower Winner.

Trouble is... I've been slightly busy. So busy I'm collapsing in bed at night and waking up at 5am startled 'cause I think I'm already late.  Does LIFE hit you like that sometimes?!

For me...

It's the Zoo...

Followed by the great car show where we maintained a booth all weekend...

Then the dog quit eating & decided to relocate into our storage area (?!)....

Then Gung-Ho Diet Phase II arrived in the mail...

Still of Chris Sarandon in The Princess BrideIf I add the quote, "and Gilder to frame for it!" do I date myself?!  Hey... I've never claimed to be young. But today I actually feel old. Thank goodness for Pinterest. I updated all the odd pix & quotes to reflect spring...


It's wild & wet in Oregon, just as usual... with forecasts of snow, which is not usual, and forecasts of spring break, which is not MY usual.  (!!!)

But enough about me.

I can't quite work up to a drum roll, so let's just get to the news of the hour:

Elizabeth Kotkiewicz Hyatt
Elizabeth is the WINNER of Eden's Root - an e-copy direct from the author, Rachel Fisher, who is TOTALLY AWESOME!!!!!  :-D

Thanks for following by blog since (nearly) the beginning!!

Profile Picture

Tara W - you're the WINNER of the Lunar Love Giveaway!!!  Choose a moon-related book and email me your choice & address!!!


My Photo
I hopped back to my early beginnings... all the way back to November... to find this Colorimetry Reader. And to show my gratitude...

BJ of Inside BJ's Head, you are the non-random-reader WINNER of a $5 gift card!!!

I'm grateful for everyone who's making my lil' blog so fun -n- successful. 

Thank you!!!