Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Cream -n- Sugar

cup of coffeeI seriously canNOT make up my mind on what to call this chatty conversation-y type post. I keep changing my mind as to whether I want to do it or not, too. 'Cause I don't want to copy anyone, like Sheila's Morning Meanderings. There's just things to chat about nearly every day and I keep just...

So, what should I call this?!  "This" is me inviting you into my kitchen for a sip of something and a snack (virtual, whatever) and a chit-chat about something book-ish (or whatever.)

I've tried...


But they just don't have a ring to 'em, you know? 

I kind of like cream and sugar in whatever I'm drinking, almost. 'Cause I love coffee - I'm very picky about my coffee. And I love tea all day long. And I love 'em hot or iced or blended... with cinnamon rolls or carrot sticks or nuts and bolts.

*Sigh*  I just don't know. Lil' help here?

Shadow Kiss (Vampire Academy, #3)I finished Shadow Kiss last night - at the football field again. The wind blew warm all evening, which is A.M.A.Z.I.N.G. for Oregon. Like miraculous. Glorious reading!!  I stay and "watch" practice because of the gas. I drive a Suburban and a few trips in that delivering players around and I'll be stranded at home for a week. So, it makes sense to hang out especially if I get a chance to read.

reading in the sunshineFinding time to read is like GOLD. I almost wish I had to commute on public transportation just to get a chance to read. Almost. Hanging out at a football field in the warm sunshine is much nicer. :-D

"Finish writing a book and get it published."I started writing again yesterday, too. I started at the beginning, with a Prologue, to set the stage for my story. There are questions left unanswered and this scene is so vivid. I've got my Mer Spawn all clustered around Nurse just when the Sea Witch is brought before the King, caught in her power struggle for the throne. This is the only view of the King before he rescues Anahalia near the end of my story, so he is a Big Deal. And this explains how the Sea Witch ends up the way she does where she is when Anahalia finds her.  Of course... one scene explodes, effecting so many others. And I get so darn hoppin' excited to write it all down. I can never write fast enough.

BUT... I needed to finish painting the shop. It matches the house, now, which is so very... domestic!!

AND... I butted heads with Bear over homework. He's going to hate me publishing this, but it flavored the entire second half of my day (creating a great atmosphere to set writing aside and read at football practice.) He is so busy with school and it's his first year having separate classes for each subject and separate teachers giving him assignments. So, suddenly, he has something to do in so many classes PLUS a new instrument to practice (Trombone) PLUS football three nights a week. PLUS he's trying to keep up with Mine Craft and Pokemon at the same pace he was during summer. It's just not possible.

time for bedSince he was unable to progress on the homework last night, I got all the kids to be early. Well, earlier, which isn't saying much. (9pm) And he woke up with plenty of time this morning to get his homework done. Muahahahaha  :-D  Yes... I'm a scheming, stubborn mom.

I read a great post on the importance of passing on RESPONSIBILITY this morning. I'm not always a great example. But I'm stubborn enough to try to teach it one way or another. You know? (I can't find where that post went... here posty-posty-posty...)

Speaking of reading posts... I was trying to visit folks who've visited me this morning. BECAUSE I finally realized that "later" will never arrive. Arriane wrote this crazy-great post on bloggers who don't visit back. I feel like she meant ME!!  I comment back, but I haven't gotten to visiting much. Like Joy pointed out:

Joy Weese Moll 
Fall, to me, feels like a time to read more and write more and do pretty much everything else more. Like, I wasn't busy enough all summer? Oh well, It will all get done or it won't and that's okay, too.

Yea. I keep feeling like I can do more, now, and, well, I am, but not what I thought I would be doing.

Now I'm talking in circles.  

This week is all about pausing to evaluate and DO the stuff I want to do instead of letting all my time flit away into random busy-ness.

1. I'm visiting bloggers and it's sooo fun!!
2. I'm writing, making progress on my book!
3. I'm getting the kids to bed earlier and helpin' get homework completed.
4. I'm working on projects with my honey.
Those are in backwards order. Which is why some of my wonderful posts waiting to be posted aren't up, yet.  AND... why some of my giveaways are old.

I seriously need to do a bunch on Colorimetry... but I think I've blathered plenty for today. Hey... maybe Cream & Sugar Blatherings?  Yuck. That sounds like spitting in the sugar bowl.