Saturday, May 5, 2012

Sunday, Spring, Links!

Feliz Cinco de Mayo!!!  Que todos tienen un bien suave fin de semana y encuenten demasiado tiempo para leer!!

Welcome Sunday Saloners!!

I have a post going up SOON with my New Book Arrivals of the week... below I've listed my posts of this past week.

First... I met FOUR AUTHORS Friday night at the Spring Into the Furture Tour!!!

SPRING INTO THE FUTURE TOUR - PORTLAND STOPIt was so weird that Friday's FF question was What would you say to your fav author?  I totally predicted I'd stand there tongue-tied, and pretty much, that was it. I lived out my prediction.

Cynthia Hand got odd huge smiles out of me, but no "loved your book" or "can't wait to read this one" or even "I agree, 'Clara' is such a great name!"  Nope.  Just insanely odd smiles.

Tahereh Mafi drew me out a little more 'cause she recognized my blog name from my stalking her the day before. I nearly fainted, nearly swoll up like a balloon and popped and fainted all at once, but barely managed more than "gah... yay!" in speech. Sheesh.

Anna Carey was so nice... I've only read the first quarter of Eve, but I might have mentioned how sweet it is or exciting or something. But nope.

Veronica Rossi is a little intimidating, anyway... she was a perfect last station wrap up to keep the line moving.

My cheeks hurt from grinning though. (Cheshire cat?!)

I took notes during the Q & A... so I'll share some more fun stuff SOON. I'm so glad they all came to Portland, OREGON!!!  :-D

Here's my ACTION for the week!!

Interview - Eulogy's Secret by Grace Elliot  - Fierce Reading Virtual Tour stop!

Review - Interrupted by Rachel Coker  - Team Novel Teen tour stop!

Spring Fling Giveaway Hop - win a book of your choice!

Blast!  Elemental by Emily White - win $100 GC for lotsa clickin!!

Interview & Giveaway - The Sun Zebra by Rolando Garcia

Weigh in Wednesday - e-readers or print?

Interview & Giveaway - The Light and Fallen by Anna White

Interview & Giveaway - The Time Weaver by Thomas A Knight

Feature & Follow - What would you say to your fav author?

Blast!  Dangerous Favor by Joyce DiPastena - win a $50 GC for lotsa clickin'!!

Review - At the Foot of the Lighthouse by Erin Hoffman

Saturday Snapshot - 14 yr anniversary pix!!

Lemme just point out that I've been saying I had some authors' books to post about... and there are so, so many MORE, believe me!!  If only there was more of me, like an organized me, to set all these up, what a steady flow of awesome authors we could see!!!  (holy cow that rhymes!! I'm on a roll!!)

Thank you especially to everyone for all the well-wishin' all week. I came down with some horrible virus Sunday and I'm still hackin' a lung a week later... but managed to celebrate our Anniversary in style!!  It was quite the week!!!  All the encouraging thoughts & pix for Spring Fling have kept me chuckling every day.

HUGE thank you!!!

Have you seen the MOON tonight?  It's as close as close as close and BIG!!!  Anna Death Duarte shared this with me a few months back... entirely appropriate!!


  1. OMG, so awesome that Tahereh remembered your blog name !

  2. LOL! I haven't met any of my favorite authors so I have no idea how I would act. Maybe a lot of grinning too? :-D Have a great week.

  3. You had a fun week! One of these days I'll attend one of those author events.

    Talk Supe BB&B

  4. So jealous! I wish my area had more of these author events, i would love to go. Glad you had a good time. :)

  5. Hey, but it sure was a gaping-at-your-fav-author with MUCH style, right?

    Amm... anyway~ I'm glad you had a GOOD time last friday. Meanwhile, I'm grounded under my own tisue mountain. & I'm reading a LOT because of that. HEY, & talking about books, where is your Shatter Me review? I miss it or it isn't up yet?

    1. not up yet!!

      I have to write about the authors, too... I took fun notes! and I need to post my review of Shatter me... and I brought an extra book that I had signed TO GIVE AWAY!! and I'm so excited but today's jamb-packed with enjoying family. I'll have to get to all that fun stuff manana!!

      Get better, chica!! I'm so sorry you're so sick!!!!


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