Sunday, April 29, 2012

Starting the week on Sunday!!!

Welcome Sunday Saloners!!

There's some confusion as to what's goin' down this weekend with the New Arrival Mailbox theme. I saw that Kimba @ the Caffeineted Book Reviewer's is startin' up a Sunday Post. Leeswamme's Blog just posts her New Arrivals every week, as if linkin' up to other bloggers isn't necessary. *gasp* Tynga's Reviews has started Stacking the Shelves. Dazzling Reads has her Dazzling Book Haul!!!  Books, Biscuits & Tea has Showcase Sunday. Xpresso Reads has Xpresso Weekly - fun!  Who else is doing something new?!

I'm not boycotting anyone, I'm just changin' up my Sunday. I'm happy to visit everyone, regardless of where or with who you link up with.  'Cause I'm not makin' anyone jump thru hoops for my spontaneous support. To catch all the hullaballoo and my response, see my Plagiarism post HERE.

Cindy @ Cindy's Love of Books is hosting the Mailbox Monday tour in April. Or maybe it's Reviews by Martha's Bookshop for May. Haven't participated in the past, so I have no idea where to link up a day early.

Thing is, Mailbox Monday hops around being hosted somewhere new every month. Which I think is kinda cool!!

So... new to me this week?

Hey, I won a book!!!  WOOHOO!!!

From Arianne Cruz... Thank You!!!

From the Library:

Pandemonium (Delirium, #2)  The Iron Daughter (Iron Fey, #2)  In Great Waters

All week I was participating in Tiffany's readathon at Book Cover Justice:

I did not read all that I planned on... but it was a WEIRD WEEK.  The kids' school went on Strike on Wednesday. As soon as the teachers were wearing their "We Love our Students" shirts waving signs, negotiations were settled and school started again on Thursday. (Can I get a "huh?"!)

But by then, some funky bug was going thru our house and kid after kid got this 102 F temperature with a horrible cough that kept 'em out of school for 3+ days. Trinity got it first. She shared with Cam-Shaft. I got a call from school to come get Bear. And Dash managed to get away with a slight cold? But he had No School Friday, so he helped me watch all the sickies. We passed out liquids and medicines and took temperatures and watched a heck of a lot of Sponge Bob.

So... I felt quite victorious finishing The Iron King, which I reviewed Friday. I'm just now finishing Interrupted and attempting to read In Great Waters to review by tomorrow. At night on my Nook I started a little bit of Immortal Rules. :-)

I might as well add that NEXT UP is The Iron Daughter, Pandemonium, Echoes of Betrayal, The Clockwork Angel... not to mention finishing Changeless.  Or not... I'm on the verge of WRITING again.

It's Monday, What are you Reading is hosted by Sheila at Book Journey. This week's gonna be busy with my Anniversary on Tuesday - 14 years of being married to Mr Wonderful Cool, Man!!!!

I have lots of posts planned, but we'll see!!

'Cause my throat hurts like crazy this morning!!  (No!!!!!!!)

In case you missed it...

World Book Night was a BLAST last Monday.

Tuesday I participated in a Book Blast of Pretty Crooked with one of those long giveaway thingame's with lots of clicking for a $50 GC.

So, Thursday I posted about CLICKING!!  :-D

Wednesday started the Fairtale Giveaway hop. Since I didn't have a review from an author, I made one up from funny correspondence w/ Anna Banks, author of... Of Poseidon. You can still enter to win a copy of her book!!

Feature & Follow Friday was about "breaking up" with a book, which was a fun discussion. Ha! I really enjoy Parajunkee's View & Alison Can Read.

Saturday Snapshot is hosted by Alyce @ At Home with Books and I posted a couple pix my Cool, Man took at the shop 'cause I LOOOOVE the look of wet automotive paint.  If I get to writing this week, my book really dives into COLOR, 'cause I'm fascinated by it.

Oh, Gad! by Joanne C HillhouseFinally, I had the most interesting Guest Post this past week by Joanne C Hillhouse, author of Oh, Gad!  I almost felt rebuked for asking why she wrote her book, but really, she took the question seriously and turned it into a deeply provoking post. I can't help staring at the cover to her book, too. Wow.

Phew!!  That's a LOTTA links!!  :-D  I dare ya to click 'em all!!!  Lol

Have an awesome Sunday, All!!!!!


  1. We are skipping IMM too not to bash anyone but to take a stand against the very controversial plagiarism.

    The book you won sounds awesome and I love your library books, I'm an active member myself.


  2. Pandemonium, as engrossed as I was with the book, disappointed me a teensy-weensy bit. I still absolutely love the series, but I'm really hoping the third one rocks my socks off. Happy reading!

    My IMM

  3. That is one crazy week! I hope everyone is feeling much better now :) I'm not sure what I'm doing with my IMM yet either, there are so many different memes that it's so hard to decide. Thank you again for taking part in the read-a-thon! I didn't get as much read as I would have liked either, but I'm amazed you were able to read at all with crazy week you had!

  4. Ha-ha...I know what you mean about all the various spots for Mailbox books. I generally follow the one that tours, and this month it's Cindy's Love of Books.

    I just visited your post on "clicking" and LMAO.


  5. HI sweet!

    Thnx for the link ^_^ I know it seems confusing the so many different name for the IMM. LOL

    Im so glad you won something from Arianne! she is such a lovely girl! =D

    great haul my sweet! happy reading!!! yay! lalalala

  6. It's crazy how many alternatives we have now :)
    Anyway, congrats on winning!! And Pandemonium, yay! I still need to read that series.

    Great haul! Happy reading and I hope you feel better soon! x

    1. Thx... my brain's fogging up. Feels like a hot slurpy. Ugh!!

  7. Pandemonium rocked and I cannot wait for book three. Wahoo you won..doesn't it feel good! Thanks for the shout out. You can read my news on The Sunday Post

  8. Yay for Pandemonium! It sounds amazing and I haven't got the chance to read it yet though I loved Delirium to bits! And congrats on the win :) Looks like it's been a crazy week! Happy reading <3

    My Sunday Post

  9. Haha, funny! My New Arrivals isn't a meme and I've been doing it for a year or so. Just me and my new books. :-)

    You've got some great books there! A lot happened this week. Good that the teachers went back to work, but what exactly happened there? Mysterious!

  10. Looks like you had a yummy week!! I too have been doing that readathon but I keep forgetting to post about it!

    Thanks for sharing,

  11. I love the idea of Mailbox Monday, especially because it apparently existed before shit hit the fan! *grin*

    Very great haul, too. I hope you enjoy your reads! :)

    Patricia // My Week in Review

    1. Yea... that's sorta what I was thinkin' alrighty. It'll be interesting to see what happens over the next few weeks, if there'll just be a bunch of different memes & features or what? Maybe we'll re-organize in minier circles?! Interesting, for sure!

  12. Pandemonium! So good! But sad and I was a little disappointed with events and the cliffhanger ending.
    My Stack

    1. Yea, I saw that in reviews, sure enough. I remember how Delirium ended, too - very well, so I'm ready to take on Lauren Oliver!!!!

  13. That was a wild week! Glad to see you got a few good reads in the mail/library.

    Happy Reading!

  14. Wow, you have an awesome post and a lot going on! Sounds like this week will be fun for you too happy early anniversary!

  15. Happy Anniversary!

    Have fun reading!
    Shelleyrae @ Book'd Out

  16. Looks like you've had some great books this week :)

    Happy reading this week!
    What are YOU reading??

  17. I missed out on most of the drama and only found out about it yesterday. What can I say, it was a busy week! I normally participate in Mailbox Monday anyway, so no major changes for me. Hope you have a great reading week!

  18. Sounds like you had fun. My favorite read this week was The Fifteenth Pelican by Tere Rios Please come see what else I'm reading.

  19. Happy Anniversary and hope you're not getting sick.

  20. Great post and thanks for letting everyone know about all the options ;)

  21. I missed out on all the drama last week, too and then realized something was up when not too many people were participating in the usual IMM. I did some digging and was overwhelmed with posts. I'm sorry it happened but I think Leeswammes might have the right idea - just do your own post and people can stop by if they want.

    Have a good week and Happy Anniversary!!! Mine is next week - but we're only at 3 years!
    Kristin @ Always With a Book

  22. That's one busy week you had there. Sunday Salon is my something new, as I've only been doing it for four weeks now. So far it's a forum for my non-bookish updates but I have vague plans to introduce more book talk when life is less busy.

    Happy reading!

  23. Loved Pandemonium! I really enjoy Lauren Oliver.

    Down lots of tea and feel better ASAP.

    Happy Reading!
    Megan @ Read It, See It

  24. New visitor here! I just wanted to say thank you for participating in the Showers of Books Hop last week (I cohosted with Kathy!). And yay for Pandemonium. I got that book this week as well :D

    I love all the new memes. I think it will really give people the chance to get to know each other better in each of the circles. I am doing something different too. I'll have monthly posts instead of weekly, posting about other bookish things as well to wrap up my month in books and blogging.


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