Sunday, July 8, 2012

Sunday Delights -n- Nit Noids

The Sunday Salon.comHa-HA!!

Welcome Sunday Saloners & Colorimetry followers!!  

How was your week?

Having returned from our totally awesome Road Trip to host a super-fun 4th of July party, we find ourselves full of life and fun and staying up too late, soaking up summer vacation!

I tried to turn back the tide a bit, so to speak, and demanded the kiddledids head to bed at 9pm... which is when all the rest of the world is sound asleep, since I'm at the end of the time zone spectrum. I think about that, you know... "You're going to bed NOW 'cause there isn't another 8 yr old awake in the world ANYWHERE unless they're gettin' up for breakfast!!  One!"  I finish my long instruction with a countdown. I think they tune out 'til the numbers start comin'. (That's my fault for using such long instructions. I admit it!)

Lazy Days of Summer GiveawaySummer is so fun. It has that flavor of enjoying the beautiful weather and good book. I love the theme of the giveaway I'm hosting comin' up soon, The Lazy Days of Summer Giveaway. It's so perfect!!  (If you've been thinking about joining a giveaway, this is the one!!!  :-D  It's going to be FUN!!)

However... summer is not "lazy" in my experience. If anyone sees mom lying around reading a book, they're suddenly starving... or they have some issue that requires mom immediately.

So, what have I managed to read despite all my "help"?

I finished Degrees of Wrong by Anna Scarlett. And... The Iron Daughter and Half-Blood. I still need to post my reviews of all of these. It takes a bit of quiet time to write a review, time I am squandering this early Sunday morning on chit-chatting with you!!  I'm thoroughly enjoying it. Shall we grab a second cup of coffee?

I did post a review this week for Scarlet by AC Gaughen. Plus two interviews, which are so fun. I really enjoy interviews because they reveal so much about the writer behind the book. It's like the research I wish I could do while deciding what to read, and these two interviews were fun: 


I have a super-fun interview/giveaway going up tomorrow. :-D  I update my giveaways in the upper left-hand side-bar all the time. I like to ask fun questions, so they're fun to enter. "Fun" is important, you know, and this week is going to be a lots of that!!

Bloodlines (Bloodlines, #1)
I did acquire a new book this week... this was a spontaneous buy after reading this review of The Golden Lilly. I ran into Bloodlines for a great price while grocery shopping. SCORE, right?  "Just pickin' up some groceries! This hopped in the basket!" I'm totally innocent!!

I caught up on all the Giveaways this week, which meant I felt like I was getting lots of books, even if they aren't for me...

Lisa of Lisa's Loves (Books of course!) won the Indie Author Giveaway - her first choice was Soul Sisters, which the author kindly made available FOR FREE this week!!!  So she got a second choice and picked Eden's Root. Two books is better than one!!  :-D

Katarina in Slovakia won the Debut Author Giveaway, and she chose Of Poseidon - Ohmysweetgoodness!!

Len won the Feature & Follow Giveaway and she chose a pre-order of Reached. I am still super-jealous, if that's possible. Great choice!!!

Anika in Australia won the Midsummer's Eve Giveaway - and she's hosting Discover Australian Fantasy this month on her blog, the Oaken Bookcase. She chose Wildwood Dancing!!

PLUS there were multiple winners from Bonds of Fenris, Paraglide, Masters of the Veil & for the Becoming a Butterfly swag. I thoroughly enjoyed working with these authors, who offered these to give away. So gracious and generous!!!  Thank you!!


That was my busy week!!  I'm lookin' forward to seeing yours!!